New in weight loss: a review of recent research
 The topic of weight loss is unlikely to lose its relevance. At least, as long as the cooking will continue to be an art, but by a delicious meat sauce and French chocolate eclair we will not just meet your physiology and experience incomparable pleasure. However, not less pleasure we get from each lost kilogram and postroynevshego reflection in the mirror, so with passion follow the news in the field of weight loss. Your attention - a review of the latest research in this area.

Dietetic foods - a direct path to overeating

Dietetic food is one of the main pitfalls for people who want to get rid of the hated kilograms. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the University of Bristol (UK). Specialists conducted a special study and found that an attempt to lose weight with the transition to a low-calorie food has the opposite effect. The results of the work presented at the conference of the British Nutrition Foundation.

The study, led by Dr. Jeff Branshtorma (Jeff Brunstrom) psychologists have found that people who adhere to a low-calorie diet were significantly more likely to eat large portions. Participants were offered 18 different products. Volunteers were assessed calorie food, and then determines which portion of it will be enough to stave off hunger. In most cases, the portions were too large, and as a result people are consuming more calories than if adhered to the regular menu.

In another study, Dr. Branshtormom organized, attended by children. In the experiment, the young creation in the age of 10-12 years have offered six different types of junk food and fast food were asked to say how much they could eat. It was found that children whose parents are limited in the consumption of sweets, more than others overeat sweets and chocolate, because they could not stop in time. But the children, who themselves bought their sweets correctly identify caloric intake and choose small portions.

 New in weight loss: a review of recent research
 According to the researchers, restricting access to certain products and knowledge of the limits of their properties. In addition, the absence of any control (eat all you want) helps to ensure that low-calorie foods to eat large portions. In it lies the main error!

Completeness is contagious! Where can I get the vaccine?

Opening of the American scientists can without exaggeration be called a sensation. It turns out that the fullness is contagious - it proved results of a study involving 5000 young people. His findings are published in the journal Economics and Human Biology.

Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you your weight - these are the trends identified by scientists. Our friends and "priyatelki" are not only able to influence our opinion, but also on body weight! Therefore, the secret of beauty and harmony is simple - you need to communicate with slim people, and then he will be in top physical shape.

The survey, organized by researchers from the University of Hawaii, was found a direct relationship between the weight and the weight of their teenage best friends.

"Contagion" is through the bad habits that lightning passed by a lot of friends to lean. In particular, the habit of many and "bad" is, as well as neglect to exercise.

 New in weight loss: a review of recent research
 You can easily find such examples in his life. If your girlfriend has become fatty, a lover of tea with pastry accompaniment, you are unlikely to spend time together in the gym. Discussions will take place for leisurely conversations surrounded by sweets, chocolates, sweet buns and home "fagots." A couple of months of this life - and you do not notice how will add a couple of extra kilos. So beware - try to spend time with friends helpful to figure ways!

The connection between breast cancer and diet

Question the relationship of breast cancer and daily diet for years worried scientists. Finally, they managed to find the ideal proportion in the diet - and that figure does not suffer, and breast cancer risk was minimal.

Initially, experts believed that diet food - best way to prevent cancer. However, research has shown that calorie restriction does not cause a tumor, "fast", but only changes the hormonal balance in the body.

In the new study, rodents were divided into three groups: normal diet, dieters are constantly malnourished, and from time to time. In conventional oncology nutritional risk was 71%, and "torturing" restrictions - 35%. The best result showed the mouse periodically undernourished - more likely to get them was only 9%.

Scientists are advised to restrict calories, but not to resort to drastic diets. It will not benefit either health or beauty, because the lost weight is not only back, but also "with goodies brought."

What is important to know losing weight after giving birth

The German Institute for Quality and efficiency of health has issued recommendations for mothers who want (and who does not want to?) To lose weight after pregnancy. Tips are based on studies of experts of the institute.

Among women it is widely believed that to lose weight after pregnancy is almost impossible. Helping women to debunk this myth, and get rid of excess fat, experts have decided the German Institute for Quality and efficiency of health care. They released a remarkable pamphlet on the advice that can be returned to their former weight.

First of all, the scientists were quick to reassure women that their "new" weight during pregnancy - it is not always as much fat as a liquid. Necessary while carrying the child after his birth, she goes out of the body within a few months.

 New in weight loss: a review of recent research
 On the other hand, scientists have warned that pregnant women should not "eat for two." The ability to indulge in foods during pregnancy (the expectant mother "can"!) Leads to the fact that women eat a lot more than the reality of their body requires. The saturation of nutrients into a "gluttony", and you are no longer able to control his new habit of overeating.

Therefore, scientists have warned pregnant women against eating hobbies. And warns that the ladies have a short time to lose weight after giving birth. The ability to return to the old form "available" only for 6 months. After this period, chances to become a "reed" and "birch" minuscule.

Top tips German doctors are reduced to what should be lean not on calories, and calcium and iron. The diet also should "increase" is only the beginning of the 2nd trimester. At the same time add to your usual diet may be no more than 300 calories a day. And not in the form of sweets and cakes, as for example, nuts.

Doctors also advise not to set records in terms of weight loss after childbirth. The optimal period of parting with excess weight is 3-6 months.

Lose weight and stay healthy!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya