Overweight and willpower
 Quite a common belief that in order to lose weight, you must have an iron willpower. After all, you need to indulge in many delicious, but harmful goodies constantly count calories on your diet, the body many hours training wear, etc. Few people manage to maintain a way of life for quite a long time to get noticeable results, which is not surprising. No matter how much a person will, however, she soon comes to an end, if the efforts do not bring pleasure, and are perceived as a punishment for gluttony.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Talk about the need for exercise and a mandatory regular training to anyone, probably not necessary. The main thing - to choose the class to taste, and set ourselves the task feasible. In principle, it is impossible to consider physical activity as a duty, it is better to take them for fun - because the body itself asks load he was pleased to move and exercise, to feel active, cheerful, flexible. Perhaps because of the long deprivation of physical activity and body forgotten how nice it is - to move, and here, and the effort will need to get started. And as training a sense of joy motion back. And the main thing is not to overdo it. It is important to avoid a situation where the pleasure of training develops into a compulsion, frazzled and tired. One will not get far if the body does not get the pleasure of training, he will be looking for the pleasures of idleness and delicious food.

The golden rule of any training - to prevent overloads. Nedotrenirovatsya better than overtrain. This is also true for athletes and dieters.

 Overweight and willpower
   Exercise only as long as you like them! Once they become uncomfortable, try to reduce the load or change occupation to another, more pleasant. When choosing a physical activity should take into account the goal that you are pursuing (except the pleasure of training). If this weight and contours of the figure - try aerobic exercisers   (treadmill, bicycle), aerobics and its varieties. But it is important not to overdo it. Scientists have noticed that after hours of intense aerobic exercise the body begins to switch to the muscle tissue. Instead, burn fat protein amino acids. Therefore, the muscles do not lose elasticity, aerobics should be no more than 45 minutes. There are studies that show that moderate exercise helps release endorphins into the bloodstream, and dopamine, and may be no less effective than pharmacological antidepressants. So, losing weight, you still get rid of depression.

Win-win situation for women - dancing ! That's really really - lots of fun, good and no contraindications.

If in addition to weight loss, you want to pump up muscles, turn in training Strength Training exercises .

Learning to enjoy the training is very simple - it is necessary to avoid overtraining, and then the exercise will bring huge benefits.

Diet for mood

 Overweight and willpower
   As to the issue of training, the selection of the menu as well not be solved by force of will. You may be able to lose weight by depriving yourself of your favorite dishes and delicacies, but how long will you be able to survive on a diet, you do not like? In any case, no wonder it is considered that women dieters, spoiled character.

Experts believe that, flatly refusing to consumer favorite products, we are only increasing dependence on him. So the strategy of producing weight loss in the preparation of an exemplary menu includes in it only those dishes that do not cause you acute rejection, and if you have a sweet tooth - do not miss the dessert.

Question reduce calories a better deal at the expense of the size of the portions without reducing the diversity of the menu. Vegetable salads, fruits, low-calorie yogurt, cereal, boiled vegetables and steam meat - usually of such a set of dishes consist of diet recommended for weight loss. In order not to get depressed by the monotony and fresh taste of the menu, add the spices to dishes. Rosemary, hyssop, caraway, cinnamon, ginger enhance the flavor and furthermore, accelerate the metabolism and promote weight loss.

Do not deprive yourself of hot dishes. Firstly, it is noted that the hot meals better suppress appetite. Secondly, from the point of view of psychology, our body, no matter how much you do not eat salads for real food does not perceive them. But most small platter of hot stewed vegetables or cereals - food, bringing a feeling of satiety.

 Overweight and willpower
   Dietary diversity and cheer up and fish dishes, especially the oil-rich fish such as mackerel, salmon, herring. They contain omega-3 are essential for our body: for heart health, and for the proper functioning of brain cells and for healthy skin, hair and nails. The lack of these acids - not only that detract from the appearance, but also can lead to depression because of irregularities in the brain. The organism is not able to produce fatty acids, so that's why you need to consume them with sea fish. In smaller quantities of omega-3 found in walnuts, vegetable oils (especially linseed), milk.

By the way, Italian scientists study was conducted on the effect on the health status of patients with cardiovascular disease the use of polyunsaturated omega-3 on the background of the Mediterranean diet (fruits, fresh vegetables, olive oil daily, fish more than once a week). Adherence to the diet was assessed by analyzing the hourly reception products through questioning patients. This scientific work carried out on the basis of 172 centers in Italy, showed that supplementation with omega-3 significantly reduced total mortality by 20%, cardiac mortality - by 30%.

In general, eat fish, and you will strengthen your heart and blood vessels, become happy and cheerful, and to adhere to a delicious and varied menu, you do not have to use your will power.

Psychological aspects

So, we found out that enormous efforts to reset the weight - a road to nowhere.
It is much more efficient and safer for the health drive in a roundabout way, but do not lose sight of the main goal - health, beauty, healthy weight. We will not starve our body hunger, harassing him with a long training, to offer him a tasteless and monotonous menu. We just try to deceive him with the help of some psychological tricks.

• five-second rule.   We sat down at the table before placing the first piece in his mouth carefully for five seconds to consider what is on the plate. Assessing how much food on it, what color it is. The greater the variety: green cucumber, red tomatoes, a little grated cooked beets and carrots orange, etc. - all the better. When we look at such an abundance of colors, that retreats inner subconscious anxiety, the body feels that it has all the necessary set of products and starvation he is not threatened.

• Crockery: critical size and color.   It is necessary to change the plate from which you are accustomed to eating, the smaller and you already start to eat less food. And if we choose for your cold dishes range of colors, you probably reduce your appetite, at least, so say the German psychologists. But if you like the dishes warm colors (yellow, orange, shades of red), do not give up on it, and it has advantages - it is believed that it is uplifting and good mood is a very important factor in weight loss program.

• Fragrances on the table.   Investigations proved that certain fragrances help reduce appetite - it's the smell of mint, lavender, apple, banana, vanilla, orange. So if you put a bag on the dining table with vanilla grass or mint (can aromalampu with these oils), it will be able to reduce cravings for food. This effect is explained by the fact that by analyzing smells satiety center in the brain when inhaled these flavors receives the wrong signal satiety.

Try to lose weight with pleasure, enjoying the process, and you do not have to use your will power to get rid of the extra kilos. The gradual, not a forcible change of eating habits, moderate physical activity, creative attitude to the process - is the way to a natural success.
Author: Olga Travleeva