The pain after a workout
 Any effective training can not, unfortunately, be imagined without its accompanying muscle pain. Do you feel a surge of strength and give the body a heavy load, the next day - felt every muscle. But not so bad, if the pain is poured only mild illness and quite another if as a result you can not move normally. What to do and how to deal with all this? In this and try to understand.

One of the causes of muscle pain after sporting loads physicians explained as damage of muscle fibers, which are formed in the micro-cracks. The pain occurs on the day after the workout and can grow for two - three days. With such an inflammation of the muscles going bad for them inflow of liquid. As a result - you're not able to work for several days. Fight with muscle pain is necessary at least for the simple reason that because it slows down the process of training, and as a result - the course of building muscle.

Reduce the risk of

  Some experts argue that the warm-up before training and muscle relaxation after - a sure way to "appease" boljuchih place. They are also advised to stretch muscles after each strength exercise. For example, after a number of approaches to the shoulder girdle, head right arm behind your head and press down on the left elbow so that the bent arm fell as low as possible along the back. Do the same for the other arm.

If muscle damage is already noticeable in training - it will nemaloeffektivnym ice. Applying it should be on the site of pain immediately after injury. But to carry it on in the recovery process is not recommended, because apart from the fact that it prevents inflammation of the well, and it also slows down the healing process. Applying cold cubes through a towel - not to get frostbite.

Borem the come enemy

After consulting with a number of fitness trainers, I have learned several ways to temper the "tomorrow" pain.

1. If during training any injury has not been received, then removing the muscle "depression" can resort to a warm bath, with the proviso that has passed at least 12 hours after training. Heat accelerates the flow of blood and promotes relaxation and healing. It is well known fact. Also highly warmer, ointments, creams, balms, designed specifically for sports injuries. In case if any injury still was obtained in training, it is recommended to heat treat only after the swelling subsides, that is, after about 72 hours after a workout.

2. Fight fire. Some athletes believe that the best way to "knock out" of the pain itself - this resort ... again to the sport. Easy athletic exercises warm up the muscle tissue, so that the pain is much weaker.

3. But the most pleasant way, in my opinion, is a massage. After a workout when you feel every muscle, there is nothing more pleasant light massaging. Moreover, it promotes blood flow, and this helps to restore the acid balance in the tissues. It is this method often recommended by physicians.

During power loads it is important to "refuel" your body's special protein blend, because they contain substances necessary for normal athlete's training, which would be held with full dedication. Without them, it is, unfortunately, not possible.

Recent studies have found that newcomers to the sport is very useful for an hour before a workout drinking a cup of coffee. It turns out that caffeine reduces pain by at least 40-45%, and to help get into a rhythm and enjoy the first (!) Training. Guards only one. In large doses of coffee speeds up heart rate and interfere with normal sleep.

I note that in this article we have considered only the muscular discomfort, and does not damage the joints or tension. All this should be treated under strict medical supervision, but not the absence, at home. And remember the cardinal rule. Severe pain can be avoided if the right exercises.   Therefore, in the hall, at least for the first time suggested exercises to practice under the supervision of a personal trainer.
Author: Alice Kvich