Why not eat after six harmful? or Lose Weight, dinner!
 Often, in pursuit of his dream (in this case - a beautiful slender body) we are ready to believe anything. One proof of this is the starvation after six. "Believers" are confident that the 6 - is the magic number, after the occurrence of which necessarily Zolushkin dress in tatters (ie, all the food will be deposited at the waist and thighs). Needless to say that such blind faith not only helps us to part with the extra pounds, but pretty spoiled life? .. And there are reasons for that, as we see, too, six ...

Reason 1

Biorhythmology argue that the human body is active from sunrise to sunset. Therefore, after sunset body processes are slower and he can not burn the same amount of energy as the afternoon. In other words, preparations for the night and from the food at this time should be abandoned.

In this statement immediately is a lot of counter-arguments. Firstly, how, then, live northerners, who during the polar night the sun does not rise above the horizon for a period of 23 days to 6 months? And at the other extreme - the inhabitants of the countries with hot climates, who sleep not only at night but also part of the day? And what have the sun in the winter if it comes earlier and later in the summer? ..

Cause 2

Usually after 18 hours of fasting completely ignores biorhythms "owls", for which the time of greatest activity occurs in the evening and at night. At the same time (as luck?), And wakes up the appetite. In contrast, a hearty breakfast, which make such a significant emphasis nutritionists, "owls" will be digested slowly and deposited in fat. Given the fact that not everyone can eat normally for lunch as well as access to 18 hours of home, to have a good dinner, "owl" is practically no food - breakfast is not benefited, lunch and dinner "ate" work ... where the body to take power ? .. In addition, you do not as well as I know that the body exhausted by fasting with a vengeance will be reserved fats.

Reason 3

Dietary measure does not eat after six - it is nothing like starvation. How different do you call not eating for many 4 or even all 8 hours to sleep? .. A consequence of starvation, as we know, it is a slowing metabolism, loss of muscle mass and, consequently, an increase in adipose tissue. Therefore, such a measure can recommend only those who absolutely do not versed in nutrition and metabolism. Refusal of food after six extremely harmful to health and has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle.

Reason 4

Now imagine that the rest of your life you will not eat after six. Possible? Or are you planning to "engage" with this limitation is only lose a couple of kilograms hated? If you choose this limitation as a temporary measure, it is better not to begin torturing yourself. In fact, after the return to a normal diet and return to your kilos - and not just back, but "prisoners with a lead."

Cause 5

The evening, in my opinion, the best time in the day. We settle accounts with office affairs and have the opportunity to spend time as desired. And it means - enjoy socializing with family, meet friends, go on a date for a visit.

Think - that at this time do you do? Silently, fidgeting in his chair with a cup of green tea without sugar, while enjoying homemade vegan dinner (for tots screaming, "Mommy, well, try at least a piece!"). Trying to enjoy a glass of mineral water under the overture odors pizzeria where you love to gather with friends? Or looked away from the romantic dinner, which can be specially prepared for you a boyfriend? And you are depriving yourself of this wonderful "feed each other with a fork?" ..

Even worse - if you do not hold, and then will long torment yourself for a piece and eaten a few mouthfuls of dry white wine. Is this life? It is psychologically afford to make is not for everyone. I'm not talking about what will happen if ...

Reason 6

No, I did tell you. If after six hunger does not help you lose weight? Or allow reset for the week of 1 kilogram, as my friend? ..

In this regard, I always curious to look at colleagues who order in a cafe "full" dinner (from the 1st and 2nd dishes, compote and a couple of rolls), as well as throughout the day was eating any "rubbish" such as muffins, rolls , cookies, etc. Especially fun to hear that they do not eat after six. Yes, let alone if the day is eaten MANY? ..

However, I never heard of that woman for a long time to lose weight just because disclaims dinners. As a rule, it makes it only in those cases when the aid starvation after six come other limitations and fitness.

Is there an alternative to starvation after the 6?

The best alternative to starvation after six - this change in the power system as a whole. After all, once again, any diet is effective only when converted into the power supply system.

So if you really want to lose weight, forget about the products, the enemies not only in the evening, but during the day. Instead rolls now have to eat an apple or orange, a fatty roast pork sausages in the dining room let replace a piece of fish or beef, and instead of salad or other "tasty", mayonnaise, will have to take coleslaw or salad.

Counting calories

One of the popular methods of losing weight is to restrict calories. Thus, a low-calorie diet for women involves consuming no more than 1,500 calories a day.

This low-calorie diet can be very diverse, and the menu can be based on your own taste and financial resources. Excluded from the diet of fatty and high calorie foods either. Together advised to consume complex of vitamins and minerals every day to drink 2 liters of water.

Preview of the calorie content of foods you can use the table of caloric. It is more convenient if you will make it the basis of a list of authorized products, and put in a purse. Then, going to the store, you will not have the extra temptations (of course, "family" list is compiled separately).

Counting calories consumed will help you lead a special Internet programs, such as "Eat Right with myJane" 1.0. Program released the results of a test conducted on the site forum myjane.ru. The program fixes bugs identified by users during a test mode, there is a graph of weight.

Products that help to lose weight

The following list memorize and better print and hang it on the refrigerator because it contains products that will help you lose weight. The fact that they produce a greater number of burning calories than contain themselves. Their consumption significantly speeds up the metabolism and promotes weight loss. So if you have them in the evening, they in no way will not hurt you.

So this tomatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, celery, beets, garlic, leeks, eggplant, green beans, squash, horse-radish, spinach, radishes, turnips, mushrooms, cod, crab, flounder, cucumbers apples, apricots, artichokes, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, grapefruit, chives, lemon, lime, lobster, mango, nectarines, oranges, papaya, raspberries, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, watermelon, tangerines .

Some researchers argue that contribute to weight loss and dairy products. Under the influence of calcium due to the decomposition of fat cells is accelerated fat burning, so regular consumption of cheese, yogurt and milk can also be regarded as a method of weight loss.

So, my dear ladies, let's not spoil the evening! Let your dinner be easy and wonderful mood! Chin-chin!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya