10 steps to harmony: the secrets without dieting
 To achieve harmony, does not necessarily sit on a grueling diet and to engage in a sweat at the gym. You just need to follow certain principles, which we describe in this article.

Beauty and harmony require sacrifices? Not at all. We will open you a secret that will remain in great shape and with a positive charge. After all, when you live and rejoice lives, internal changes lead to more external changes. You can smile to solve any problems and successfully work on their health, harmony and beauty. To begin?

1. chew

Do you want the easiest and most effective way to get the most out of food? A cheerfulness? Then chew every bite! And the better you'll chew your food, the more likely you will feel well-fed, and better assimilate all the nutrients. But this is - not all. As a result, studies have shown that those who begin to chew properly, not only are gastritis and other diseases of the stomach, but even neurasthenia, and improves memory. Remember that the food - it's fun. Eat in a calm pleasant surroundings, to extract the maximum benefit. You know that regular breaks to help not only increase efficiency, but also to keep a positive attitude? And this depends on the success already. The frantic pace of modern life try to rest for a meal, because, first of all, you eat to gain strength. Enjoy every bite and try not to eat on the run.

2. Drink the liquid

Yes, in addition to the fresh juice, green or black tea, drink water. Want to make it even more useful? Pour into a glass of hot water, and put a silver spoon. Since water is further purified and enriched with silver ions. It is well known that silver has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Additionally, this trace element stimulates cell renewal, strengthens the immune system and helps to rejuvenate the body. The health benefits are guaranteed! Just remember that other silver objects, including your favorite decorations put in the water is not necessary, since they contain contaminants that can "enrich" vodichku not what you need. It is better to wear them on the health and be the most beautiful!

3. pauses

Do not drink while eating - it interferes with digestion. The liquid drunk immediately before, during meals or immediately after meals, difficult digestion as diluting the gastric juice, it reduces the concentration of digestive enzymes. In addition, the diluted liquid food quickly lead to a feeling of hunger. Do not drink immediately after you eat the berries, fruits or vegetables, as this can also interfere with the absorption of nutrients, to cause unrest or even flatulence.

4. "Push" for vegetables

Vegetables not only help your harmony, a positive charge, and beauty! Natural vitamins are nothing in comparison to their synthetic analogues - nature can not be fooled! Antioxidants, mineral salts, organic acids, dietary fiber contained in fruits, removal of residues, reduce bad cholesterol, are actively fighting against cellulite and help rejuvenate your body .  For example, tomatoes - the most real antioxidants that strengthen the cardiovascular system and protect against stress .  Cucumber not only removes harmful substances from the body, prevents the accumulation of salts, but also contribute to better digestion of proteins and fats .  Courgettes - the best diet vegetables .  They improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, excrete cholesterol and excess fluid, so dispense with the notorious cellulite! Eggplant also reduces bad cholesterol and promote soft body cleansing .  Carrots are useful not only for visual acuity, but also for the beauty of your hair and skin .  In addition, it increases the level of hemoglobin and promotes lactation - stimulates the production of breast milk .  By the way, carrots, beneficial effects on male potency .  Color, as well as seaweed, is the guardian of women's health . 

5. Add greens

Do not forget about the greens! Studies show that regular use of it not only helps to normalize the metabolism, but also protects against harmful UV rays .  Be sure to add to the diet of parsley, because, on the content of vitamin C it ahead of even the lemons .  It is worth noting that parsley has antibacterial properties, it helps to freshen breath, strengthen the gums and even whiten teeth .  It improves digestion and ... prolong an erection, so please do not forget your favorite! Dill is also very useful .  Due to the content of vitamin B, C, carotene, folic acid and other valuable minerals, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels, so now your feet are in safe hands! It is noticed that fennel helps with gastro-intestinal disorders and even saves the headache - feel free to add it to the food! Even in fennel it contains a lot of iron, which will be very useful, especially in the critical days .  Rich in vitamins C, B2, PP, basil contains carotene, rutin and volatile .  He is able to get rid of headaches and insomnia, strengthen the nervous system, improve memory and even cure colds .  By the way, its spicy smell repels mosquitoes .  Basil, as well as cilantro - a real aphrodisiac .  Cilantro or coriander is rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, P and carotene, has tonic properties, reduces blood pressure and helps to improve sleep, that you will agree, is important for harmony and vitality .

6. Choose a fruit

Fruits are great for snacks and dessert instead .  And useful, and tasty .  Apples, for example, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood .  Just do not cut the skin because it is rich in pectin and fiber .  Grapes increases metabolism, removes toxins, strengthens blood vessels .  Citrus charged vigor, reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the cardiovascular system and the immune system .  They are not far behind and pears, which improve mood, promote digestion and are excellent detoksikatorami .  Regular consumption of kiwi fruit reduces the risk of blood clots .  And, of course, do not forget about dried fruit! For example, dried apricots, cleanses the blood vessels and burns fat .  Besides, it is very useful for women's health, as well as most fruits orange, perhaps, the exception of grapefruit .  Alas, their health benefits for the female breast is subjected to stringent scientists doubt .  Prunes regulates metabolism, protects against stress .  It fights tartar and tooth decay .  Dates increase efficiency, improve concentration .  They strengthen the nervous system and bones, stimulate cell renewal process .  Fig effectively helps with colds and coughs .  When mental and physical fatigue, he will gain strength and recover .  This fruit improves skin tone and energizes .  Note the content of iron figs ahead of apples .  Raisins "struggling" with the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease .

7. finally determined

I decided to abandon all harmful? Then go to the end and do not try to replace those products of low-calorie counterparts. For example, "light" oil, mayonnaise, margarine or whipped cream are unlikely to contribute to your harmony. The thing is that they contain trans fats, which are practically not absorbed by the body, but calmly deposited in the most problematic areas, leading to the notorious cellulite and other feminine "pleasure". Unfortunately, research has shown that the hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are contained in these "light" products even more harmful than animals. From the use of sugar substitutes is also questionable. No calories, but with unpleasant consequences for health. The body can not be fooled! It is better to eat a spoonful of honey. Will health benefits, vitality and spirit.

8. Move the body

Go in for sports, to visit with her friends at the pool or sign up for a dance. The main thing - find something for everyone. Do what brings you joy and charges the positive emotions! Most go on foot, up and down the stairs, doing sit-ups, suits spring cleaning by energetic music - live actively! By the way, do not forget about good sleep. He not only has a rejuvenating effect on your body, but also promotes weight loss - one and a half hours of sleep burns about 100 calories.

9. think positively

Do you want to be slim? Presents itself graceful! Do you know that your body - it is not only the result of your relationship to yourself, beloved, but also the result of your thoughts? Thought is material, and numerous studies have only confirmed the fact that it can be used even to train the muscles! Now keep in mind only positive: often remember all their achievements and victories, praise yourself and you'll progress. You take care of their loved ones, right? Similarly, take care of themselves - to think positively. Joyful thoughts attract joyful changes and the same positive people. Remember that our health and beauty directly depend on what we often think.

10. increases self-esteem

Do you think that extra weight - it is a purely physiological aspect? No and no again! There is a perception that being overweight - is "containment" between man and the world around him. Love and Appreciate yourself for who you are. Believe me, you - unique and inimitable personality, and the other a second just yet. Live in harmony with each other - and then the positive changes will not keep you waiting. The internal transformation always leads to an external transformation. And you will do it!
Author: Hope Cherepenina