4 Diet Traps
 Reasons for dietary failure and how to overcome them

Every day, about half of women across the country are trying to lose weight. We read diet books, supplements and consume a low-calorie food to stock fridges. We have a great desire, however, to find a mode that would work and help drop those extra kilos, it is very difficult. Statistics showed that two-thirds of the people will return to their previous weight they lost within two to three years.

"Many people often try 10 or even more different dietary regimes before finding something that really helps," - says Ilona Sanin, a doctor, a representative Dietetic Association. Why is it so difficult? Several well-known experts in the field have told us that most diets do not work for several common reasons. In addition, they shared with us so as not to fall into these traps on the way to a slimmer body.

Trap: too limiting mode

If you are, say, decide to lose 2 kilograms to the long-awaited meeting of class, power one cabbage soup and grapefruit for a few days can have the desired effect. But try to sit on such a diet for a long time - you immediately begin a big problem (not to mention the constant feeling of hunger and fatigue).

"People ultimately can not follow a diet with a lot of rules and restrictions," - says Sanin. "Most of us go back to old habits and gain even more weight than before the diet." In addition, the regimes that curtail any of the food groups (such as carbohydrates or dairy) or severely restrict your calorie intake, can also be dangerous because they deprive your body is the key to the body of nutrients that are essential for its normal functioning.

Strategy:   the main thing - do not hurry. Studies have shown that if you start a meal with a fruit salad or a broth, the result will consume fewer calories by the end of the meal. You can fool your stomach, choosing as food products with a high content of air (small mass), such as popcorn.

It is important not to exhaust yourself unloved products. Do not exhaust yourself with low-fat mayonnaise, if you can not stand him! Instead, find a low-calorie alternative that you like - maybe, honey mustard or hummus. Do you like pizza? Eat one piece, but is accompanied by its salad to satisfy your hunger.

Traps: you do not have support

If there is more reason to lose weight, go for it, but the scientists recommend not to do it alone. Research conducted by the Institute of Nutrition, showed that after two and a half years, those who sat on a diet, and continues to maintain a normal weight, have a strong social support. Support - a key point, if desired, and the need to lose weight - it provides an incentive and inspiration to avoid breakdowns, which are often lacking in the usual case. Plus, much easier to compare the effects of a particular regime, share helpful tips when you are not alone.

Strategy:   agree with someone who also wants to lose a few kilos. Those who are dieting often makes the mistake of holding their successes and efforts in secret. Every attempt, even minimal, move or forget the diet can lead to a complete fall: from donuts to your colleague brings every Friday and ending with a beer and chips, which friends eating in the movie. If people around you are aware of your plans, they can help you stick to the regime, or at least not unknowingly sabotage your efforts.

For immediate support, you can hire a nutritionist who will help you to go in the right direction; or tell friends about your mood and sometimes ask them to play along with you, and to discourage exclusion from safeguard actions.

Traps: you can not adapt to the regime

Studies have shown that people, dieters, were willing to continue to adhere to such a regime, if they found it easy to comply with. For example, if you do not have time to cook, and dietary regimen involves cook at home, it is not surprising that the whole diet is going downhill. Many people are so concerned about weight loss, they are willing to try anything, even for minimal results, but returned to its usual regime, when the plan is too complicated.

Strategy: before you select, think carefully about your lifestyle and possible power. Write down your "nutritional position" (for example, "I hate to cook" or "I love to cook with the family"), as well as your habits. Do you travel? You are running late? You cook for the family, but you do not have time to do two separate versions of dishes? Such a division into black and white will help you drop the diet is absolutely not suitable to your lifestyle.

If your list is too long, and includes many limitations, you can seek the assistance of experts to compile your own personal mode. Such a method will eliminate any assumptions and will help you get the right direction.

Traps: you expect quick results

The next time you see another television commercial dietary aid and decide to call on the presented number, ask yourself whether or not it will help me lose 4 kilos in 10 days?

But you know the stark truth ... if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true. Although the idea that the product or regime would not hurt you, no matter how far-fetched if the top of it promises or not, these changes can play with you a malicious joke (weight not only can return to the original value, but also to increase ), including the big health problems. No loss of promise 15, 10 or even 5 kg over a short period of time will not be true simultaneously and lengthy.

Strategy: optimal rate of weight loss - 400g per week, or 2 kilograms per month. If your goals are unrealistic, you lose the spirit and the incentive that will not achieve the expected results. And reward yourself (but in any case not a piece of cake), when you see the result. Everyone needs encouragement, so sign up for a massage or a manicure, or make yourself something nice.
Author: Ann, New York