Clever ways to cut 100 (or more) calories
 These simple tips will help you do not add extra centimeters and kilograms after the holiday feast.

1.   Leave three or four half-eaten piece of food. Studies have shown that people tend to eat up everything that is on their plate, even if they are not hungry.

2.   Clean of chicken with the skin after cooking. Get Juicy dish, in this case will contain 148 calories and 13 grams of fat less.

3.   Eat open hamburgers or sandwiches with one slice of bread instead of two.

4. Choose as a snack a cup of soup. People who are saturated with soup (broth or tomato-based, with no cream) consume about 100 fewer calories for the entire meal.

5. Replace chocolate bar (235 calories), a glass of light chocolate soy milk (120 calories).

6. Use non-stick spray instead of oil a tablespoon margarine or butter to fry eggs or sandwiches.

7. Prefer drinks consisting of white wine and soda (80 calories) instead are mixed alcoholic cocktails (over 180 calories).

8. Choose the right cheese. Slice Cheddar (about 30 grams) contains 113 calories. In salads or pasta, add a tablespoon of grated mozzarella cheese (36 calories).

9.   Order miso soup (a soybean paste) (28 calories) instead of green salad (260 calories) in Japanese restaurants and sushi bars.