How to stay slim as Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker)?
 Figure Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the cult TV series "Sex and the City", was the subject of imitation most women around the world! Do you want this?

Sarah Jessica Parker - Global style icon, television star and actress, but she is also known for its delicate, slender figure. After his stellar role of Carrie Bradshaw (Carrie Bradshaw) in "Sex and the City," the body and forms Sarah Jessica became the envy of many ... but, surprisingly, easily attainable.

What you will need:

- Focus on health and not to scale.

-   An active lifestyle and a pedometer for a walk.

- Get plenty of steps or a fun activity to promote the movement.

-   Only favorite food in moderation.

- Small portions.

To borrow its style:

Step 1

Remember that Sarah Jessica tiny size - mostly luck factor ... genetics. Sarah admits that her thin frame and light weight are perfectly natural, and that she has always been very small woman, no matter what. Instead of trying to seem a little like Sarah, try to adjust your own forms with proper nutrition and exercise.

Step 2

Start with a daily walk. Sarah lives in New York with his son James and her husband Matthew Broderick (Mathew Broderick); she confesses that favorite walks are very helpful to maintain the desired weight. Take a walk up to the house of friends, ride a bike or simply schedule a certain distance.

Step 3

If possible, try to add to your daily exercise plan. Sarah Jessica supports the natural activity, running up the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking on foot instead of a taxi. After the birth of her son, she quickly returned to form, using a child's own weight workouts, always dragging him with me (instead of jogging and walking).

Step 4

Enjoy the food you eat, but ... in moderation. Despite the fact that Sarah Jessica can not monitor their weight, she tries to listen to the signals of your body (eat only when hungry, stop there after saturation), and enjoy the food. Stop "spend" the calories in the food you do not like, just enjoy small portions of favorite foods.

Step 5

Always check the size of portions and do not waste yourself on diet plans and whims. Sarah argues that much of the credit for the fact that her figure is still slim - it's just a moderate consumption of its favorite food throughout the day and a balanced diet.
Author: Ann, New York