No pain - no gain
 My younger sister, who is now a follower of GI diet was shocked when I heard that I spent the last week on cabbage soup. "It must be awful - have boiled cabbage and celery every two hours and are constantly running to the bathroom," - she said with a sneer.

She stated that it was not the most enjoyable way to lose weight. I could not blame the family opinion. The kitchen smelled like a cozy home for the elderly, and as for the bathroom ... let's just say that copious amounts of cabbage increased the digestive system to an incredible speed.

Neither dietician could not put up with this diet. It was popular in the late nineties, and the least that you can eat, not to lose balance. Sometimes I feel a little weak and irritable. But, of course, it was worth it. I lost about 3, 5 kilograms in the minimum amount of time.

Yes, I know, I could dial it back as soon would return to a normal diet, and there were dark circles under his eyes, but who cared? My jeans were spacious and it's great!
The significant effect of diet has come in such a short time. On average, I planned to lose weight gained during pregnancy. One day I just took it and said to myself: "Stop there." No more oatmeal cookies. No pumpkin seeds or wheat. I decided to drain his body mercilessly.

In addition to physical ailments, there were also psychological. Laid the hunger felt paradoxically tolerated. Every time I came to the fridge for a couple of povareshek his green soup, I felt guilty for a permanent limitation of their family in a good and tasty food.

It was felt some frustration, comparing themselves with ever-hungry women, but I decided that I could take ...

  My harsh nutrition program reflected in the appearance. I told myself that if I want to look better, you should go through with it. Above all, I decided to go to the salon and at least something to pamper yourself.

I ordered a huge number of treatments, including rubbing the back, scalp massage, facial, but the most spectacular was the Bliss-spa, where the doctor struck my face mask and began relentlessly squeeze the black dots, not paying any attention to my cries. I mentally cursed her, until she saw the miraculous transformation of the skin afterwards.

My efforts in this not yet completed. Yoga and stretching - for the weak. From now on, my membership in the gym used only to visit an aerobics - the kind of stress that causes you to limp the next day, and weight training, after which I felt really tired.

"No pain - no gain" - that is true. I think I should stop telling yourself that you look great. Summer vacation is not far off, lady. It's time to do them.

P.s Dear readers! This material - a letter sent to the editor. This story is the same as you, readers of our magazine This is not a call to go on a diet and pace yourself in the gym. This is - the story of a desire to change yourself and your life!

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Sincerely, project manager, Stanislav Kormanovskaya.