A permanent hair - what is it?
 Fashion for curly hair has always been, is and will be. But not all have the nature of a beautiful curly tresses. To what tricks did not use women of all ages to change their appearance. The most effective way to curl hair become perm or permanent. But until now, we ask ourselves: permanent - good or bad?

By itself, a modern procedure for perming hair is safe. About 10 years ago perm a negative impact on the hair. They are very traumatized, perms could lead to hair loss. Today the situation is quite different.

Modern high-quality chemicals for perming not only do not harm the hair, but can improve their appearance and condition. But really high quality formulations are expensive. What is permanent, how it affects your hair?

Perms: how does it happen?

The main component of hair - keratin protein. This protein contains a lot of sulfur. Between the sulfur atoms of the molecules of keratin, there are chemical bonds. Exactly these ties create a structure that determines the shape of each hair.

You can change the structure of the hair. And there several ways .

- Short-term effect could be achieved simply by wrapping hair around the hot-shaped irons. But the effect does not last long. Protein quickly straighten hair.

- To achieve long-term effects and use permanent hair . The chemical destroys the relationship between proteins. And the release of molecules can take any form. So, straight hair can be curled or straighten curly. After shaping the hair is also necessary to secure the results. Hair processed by another composition that forms new links between the molecules. The modified form is stored for 3-6 months. It depends on the composition and structure of the hair. But grown new hair will not change. That inherent nature, change is not learned.

The compositions, which are used for perming hair

For perming hair using three types of compounds: alkaline, acid and exothermic.

- Alkaline compositions . Such a composition is suitable only for healthy, strong hair. After processing in this composition are elastic, resistant curls.

- Acidic compositions . Such compositions can be used even for curling damaged, weak or thin hair. Acidic compounds are more sparing. The result is a flexible ring.

- Exothermic composition . When applying these compositions are heated hair. The composition penetrates deeper into the hair cuticle. The result is persistent, resilient curls.

Technologies that are used for curling hair

- Permanent Close . To use the large wrap hair curlers. The result is not the curls, and large waves. The volume and mobility is preferred by those who do not like curls. Good for large permanent lifeless thin hair.

- The root perms . This technology only raises the hair at the roots. Hair looks magnificently. Suitable for a permanent short cuts, as well as for the regrown curls.

 A permanent hair - what is it?

- Spiral perms . This kind of permanents can be done only on long hair. To do this, use special long rollers. The result is a long, romantic curls. It is good to do a spiral perm for thin hair. Hairstyle receive additional pomp and volume.

 A permanent hair - what is it?

- Permanent bonding . Frizz pre-bonded strands. The result is natural waves and curls.

- Expanding permanent . With such permanent wave hair are wound only in the middle of the head and at the ends. On top of not wind the curls. The result is a different length tresses. They are trimmed in one line. Hairstyle get high, lush.

 A permanent hair - what is it?

- Merge, or spotted permanent . In this type of perming hair frizz only a few curls. The bulk of the hair is straight.

Tips for hair after perming

• A permanent can be done independently, but are best left to a professional hairdresser.

• Before curling is better not to dye your hair with henna, it prevents permanent.

• Set aside a permanent, if you have a "critical days". Against the background of hormonal changes may not get the desired effect.

• After a wave not wash your hair two days - may become loose curls.

• Buy a special shampoo for hair with a wave. These shampoos contain special substances that support the desired moisture balance and keep the curls for longer.

• For combing do not use brushes. Buy a comb with a few teeth. Only comb wet hair. And start to tip.

• When installing locks use a special foam or mousse.

• Avoid using a hair dryer. Dry your hair naturally.

• regularly cut the tips of the hair at least once a month. If your hair is very thick, you must perform a tapering. This procedure improves the appearance of hair and refresh curls.

• If you are still using a hair dryer, do installation using diffuse nozzle. When the hair grow back, so styling hides the border between curly hair and regrown straight.

If you properly care for your hair, you can be proud of them for many years.
Author: Olga Stolyarov