Lamination of hair
 About beautiful hair dream of every one of us. We look with envy at the girls, whose hair looks like a model on the cover of magazines. In order to achieve the beauty of hair, we use expensive cosmetics, make masks at home, drink vitamins, try to care for our hair. As a result - your hair looks good, but not as we would like, do not have the stunning brilliance of the silkiness. Do not despair, there is always a way out!

In any salon professionals can make your hair a work of art. The hair will shine like commercials, and, moreover, will not split, break. It improves the condition of not only outside but inside. This procedure is called - laminating .

 Lamination of hair

At first glance, the word intimidating, but should not be afraid, the hair, such a procedure does not hurt, but on the contrary, will strengthen them. The structure of the means by which the laminated hair, includes components, which are not only nourish the hair but also have a therapeutic effect. With this hair grow faster, become more elastic, smooth and docile, and the film that envelops each hair, prevents split ends.

 Lamination of hair

Is not this the result we want to achieve on a daily basis caring for our hair?

If you are concerned about the rapid loss of hair color after dyeing, here lamination to help. Such a procedure would preserve the color longer, and after a while even the hair will look freshly painted.

As for the film experience is not necessary, it is breathable, allowing the hair enriched with oxygen in the usual way.

With regard to the procedure of lamination, the technology it is fairly simple. Special agent is applied on all length of hair, 25 minutes "mask" is washed off. All elementary!

 Lamination of hair

That's not all charms lamination. Specialists, along with the simple, can make Hair color lamination   - Ion staining. This lamination will give your hair a bright and lasting color.

As to the frequency of the procedure, the experts recommend re-lamination not earlier than 3 weeks. Do not assume that the more laminiruesh hair, so they will be more volume. The average hair diameter is not increased by more than 10% and the frequency of repetition on the figure does not affect.

Just do not forget to take care of the hair, to maintain the effect. In addition, you can use masks, balms, conditioners that are suitable to your hair, but from cosmetics deep cleaning should be avoided.

 Lamination of hair
   Among the means for laminating experts distinguish the brand Paul Mitchell. The composition of these drugs include hydrolyzed wheat protein, which moisturizes and nourishes the hair. The structure also includes medical components that contribute to hair growth.

Lamination of hair with a strong desire can be carried out independently at home, but you need to bear in mind that this is not the effect you get, and because of the complexity of the procedure can simply not cope, as a result - wasted money on special equipment. Also, before the specialist will take up the matter, he first diagnoses the structure of the hair, and then picks up the necessary funds for pre-cleansing power of hair that the ignorant person can not be performed. As an option, before lamination hair at home, consult a specialist.
Author: MIRovaya