Red. Who is she?
 Ask men: "What kind of woman do you like more if you choose the color of hair? "Most likely, the men will choose between blonde and brunette. On his interest in the ginger probably keep silent.

Tips also addressed women's magazines often blond and brunette. What about red? Why are they often tacitly overlook? What is the secret of redheads? Why is red hair gave rise to a lot of prejudice against their owners?

Yes, a rare man admits that he likes red beauty. Writers and artists are often represented as an image of a witch redheaded woman with mysterious green eyes. Such a person is often found in women living in Ireland and Scotland, the rebellious suburbs of the great British Kingdom. Rebellious, temperamental character of these people, mystical folklore of northern lands gave rise to these associations. Red-haired woman - rebel, witch, warrior.

In fact, among the more common red active, cheerful, independent and independent women. Free spirit, of course, moved to the sexual characteristics. It is believed that red woman passionate and sophisticated lover and have exaggerated sexual abilities and needs. This myth has become a breeding ground for the birth of stamps:

Red - very temperamental, prone to adultery, treacherous and deceitful.

What a man voluntarily recognized preference for women with disabilities? Only a very smart, bold, with a good sense of humor, I guess.

 Red. Who is she?
   And what of this is true? Scientists have found that red people appeared in northern Europe, probably as a result of random genetic mutation. Currently, the number of natural redheads are reduced and there is an assumption that in a few decades, they could disappear completely. But some scientists argue the possibility of a new surge in their numbers. In general, the mystery of red and scientists have not yet succumbed.

Temperament red-haired women and their sexual activity is confirmed by scientists. Indeed, based on surveys of women from different countries, the researchers calculated that the percentage of leading an active and varied sex life among the red-haired persons is slightly higher than the blondes, brunettes and even more. Moreover, among the red greater of satisfied your partner. Maybe it speaks of passion red women?

But the influence of the color of hair on the falsity and a penchant for treachery recognized as absurd. Among them are women with different characters and psycho.

So, dear man, you can easily get acquainted with bright red women and recognized them in love, no specific "color" red shortcomings have been identified.

 Red. Who is she?
   Still, it imposes on the character and psychology of women is a luxurious decoration?

Bright hair isolated woman from the crowd, attract attention. It is a way to draw to itself the views of others, to be always in sight, but at the same time be an irritant, an object for viewing - not on the strength of each such burden. No wonder some natural red woman carefully paint over "generic print" can not withstand the load of stereotypes prevalent in society. Others - consciously go into the camp, red, dye their hair in bright, causing a reddish color.

Hair color influences the psychology or psychology determines the color of the hair at birth - about this debate is similar to the disputes about the egg and the chicken. But the fact that the image of a conscious choice "red beast" indicates a strong, extraordinary personality - is indisputable.

So, you decide. You no matter how public opinion is characterized by red, you know that red hair - that can underline your personality and style.

Then it is necessary to think carefully about the nuances. Redhead palette - an insidious thing. Red hair in itself is a bright spot, and the slightest violation of the harmony of colors in the wardrobe and make-up creates an absurd vulgar way. As the saying goes: "From the sublime to the ridiculous ..."

At the same time, shades of red ranging from delicate golden tones to bright copper. This makes it possible to choose the right hairstyle color to any shade of skin, clothing style and character.

Girls and young women can afford a more provocative, bright colors. More mature, adult ladies better to stick to natural colors.

Natural hair color can also serve as a reference for choosing paint   for coloring.
- Brunettes and brown-haired with peach, warm skin tones, better to choose a dark red, copper tones.
- Blonde and brown hair suit golden, amber color.
- Swarthy, eastern type women can try shades of mahogany and mahogany.

Particular care must be selected makeup . Overpriced catchy make up provoking discord contributes to the image of the fiery beauty. Any extra bright spot would chip toward kitsch.

Look at yourself in the mirror and think for different tissues, experiment with different styles of makeup. Take your time, you love yourself, you do - red!
Author: Tamara Rozinsky