Rusty braid to her waist ... Part 1
 It's from my childhood. When my grandmother combing my red hair, braided them into tiny pigtail, ponytail, she twitched three times for her, and said thus:
- Rusty braid to her waist, grow Spit to toe. Grooms rushed.
- Why did the grooms?
- Because. How to grow a long braid, woo arrive.

That's the way in Russia to spit treated. Holili girl's decoration, grow, ceremonies made. And after the wedding, was removed from the prying eyes under the scarf under ochipok. Long hair hid as vulnerability of women, through which you can take the evil eye, damage to catch, health lose. It was believed that, losing hair, the person loses strength. Not for nothing in mythology and in fairy tales gorgeous hair attributed magical properties. A witch and fairy tale in any way can not do without the mop of long beautiful hair. There are probably reasons for this natural decoration attributed mystical properties.

Long beautiful hair - a seductive piece in the guise of a woman, in the opinion of men. Every woman knows the tricks that attract men's eyes: fix hand a lock of hair, delicate fingers tuck her hair behind her ear, energetic movement to throw fan of hair behind his back. A long, straight hair, flowing back to the beat gait or spit, snake scurrying between the shoulder blades? Why are so attracted to men long hair?

Men can argue about the appeal of blondes or brunettes, think about the brightness of the red, but if you choose between long hair and sports a hairstyle, choose the most length. This is confirmed by multiple surveys in different countries. Long, the incident wave on the shoulders of the men will wear her hair in the first line of women's rankings of merit.

Braids and cornrows also like almost all men. Perhaps this passion is deposited in the memory of childhood images of young girlfriends.

 Rusty braid to her waist ... Part 1
   High rollers and braids crown like men respectable age. Rather, it is the images of the beauties of the first adult films viewed in youth work on sexual interest. Of course, long hair do not guarantee compelling female character, but a spectacular piece, they can be considered.

Recent discoveries of scientists say that the entire human body is completely renewed at the cellular level for two or three years. Updated internal organs, skin, bones. Updated muscle cells, nerve fibers, blood vessels. Hence, updated and hair. We can encourage this process but may slow down. What most often do, forgetting about their health, and allowing yourself to conduct destructive lifestyle.

Hair - not just decoration, but also an indicator of health. Hair criminologists determine a person's age, his dietary preferences, the presence of disease. Stress and hardship periods immediately affect the appearance of the hairstyle.

 Rusty braid to her waist ... Part 1
 The strength and intensity of the hair growth depends on the state of the roots in the first place. This is often found in the skin of the head - the follicle, which is located in the hair bulb - growing point. We can stimulate the activity of the root, using a sufficient amount of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. External action: massage, rubbing, rinse the mask - as well intensify because of the growth of the root bulb.

The quality of the visible part, i.e. the hair directly depends on the condition of the cuticle - the surface layer, which structurally resembles flakes. If the cuticle closely adjacent to each other, we see a strong shiny hair. So look healthy, vibrant hair. Abnormalities in the surface layer, create the impression of dull lifeless strands. Such hair bad fit and look untidy.

 Rusty braid to her waist ... Part 1
 Various hydrating mask, rubbing, rinsing put in order the structure and condition of the visible part of the hair. Hair can absorb the active ingredients, so gratefully respond to the cosmetic and medical means.

What is most harmful to hair?

• Improper brushing, stiff brush, frequent fleece, tight tail, wearing a long wig and a tight bandage, which violate the circulation and nutrition of the scalp. That is, any mechanical damage to the roots and the outer part.

 Rusty braid to her waist ... Part 1
   • Frequent drying hot hair dryer, curling styling, a long presence on the street without a hat in freezing temperatures, or vice versa, under the scorching sun. That is, the thermal effect our hair is not welcome. They like thermal comfort.

• The most ruthless exposure - a chemical. Only street fumes causes considerable harm to our beauty. But we are still adding coloring, perm, straightening, highlights. A tobacco smoke?
Why is your hair long retain the smell of tobacco smoke? Because actively absorb it.

Only one way out. Keep your hair, considering all the factors damaging. And to help them grow properly caring for their decoration. In the second part of the article I'll try to talk about some of the secrets of long-haired beauties.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky