"Silicon Generation": The cosmetics for hair
 Silicone continues its victorious march to the areas of women's interests, winning all the new areas of application. He was not only that he had long ago got into a lady's bust and lips, providing them with appetizing forms. Women have already appreciated the convenience of silicone insoles for shoes, silicone cup and lunar happy surprise their loved ones virtuoso baking, forms for which are also made of silicone. And now, silicone hair products successfully compete with costly lamination ladies head of hair for the right to make the hair luxury "as in advertising."

Today, the free market already has a silicone mask silicone droplets and hair. Silicon they are called because of their structure really comes natural silicone. In addition, the silicone hair cosmetics containing water, methyl alcohol, cetrimonium chloride, polikvaternum 7, lanolin, lactic acid, dimethicone, methylparaben, propylparaben, supplements, extracts of rosemary, green tea, aloe vera gel, vitamins A and E.

The essence of the action of silicone cosmetic boils down to is that it envelops each hair with a protective film, which smooths out all the damaged areas of the hair and protects them from further trauma (from a hot stream of air from a hair dryer, direct sunlight, heat treatment, laundries and so on).

The manufacturer promises that its use of the product will support the elasticity of the hair, to ensure their adequate hydration and nutrition, then the hair will look healthy, lively, soft, voluminous, will be easy to comb and style.

 "Silicon Generation": The cosmetics for hair
Silicon Hair Mask, silicone mask for all hair types; Mon Platin, silicone hair mask

Silicon Hair Mask is available in several capacities: 250, 500 and 1000 ml. Naturally, the larger the amount of cosmetic products you get, the more you save cash. Of course, the appointment of silicone hair cosmetics mostly medical.

Procedure for the application of silicone hair masks is simple: a small amount applied to clean, dry (!) Hair. Thus it is desirable to use a mask to dry the hair in a natural way, and not a hot air stream from the hair dryer. Distributed mask hair massage movements. Sustain means to be on the hair for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
The secret of the master
To enhance the effect of silicone masks from time to time, leave it on the hair longer (20-25 minutes) and thus are wrapped her hair in a warm towel or put a plastic cap.

 "Silicon Generation": The cosmetics for hair
Silicone hair drops

Somewhat different is necessary to apply a drop of silicone hair. Typically, they are produced in a vial at a volume of 60 ml. It is enough to rub in the palms of 2-3 drops of money and then spend them on hair. Thus it is possible to process only the damaged portions of the hair (e.g., posechennye ends), and can cause the drug over the entire length of the hair. Hair after silicone treatment is not necessary to wash dropwise. Price drops of silicone hair is about 17-18 USD

Silicon cosmetics suitable for any type of hair and scalp, and is recommended for use with a frequency of twice a week. An important in obtaining a good effect of the silicone cosmetic use it is in a complex with good shampoo suitable for the type of hair.

Here is the opinion of one of the forumchanok experienced the effect of silicone masks:

Alesa. In the lamination can not be solved, but a few days ago made a silicone mask - the effect is very similar to lamination, and also good for hair, especially dyed, bleached. Super-effect is not noticed visually, but hair exactly become softer and more lively. Besides it is cheaper. Only the most difficult to apply it on your hair - how to paint each strand should be careful. So if someone like healthier hair, but lamination is expensive, you can try a silicone mask.

In addition to the above advantages of silicone makeup should also be noted, and one of its very spicy disadvantage. The fact is that of the droplet and the content of silicone mask very odor. There are also conflicting views of experts that silicone is not washed away from the hair. That is, when painting the selected pigment may not "lie" to the hair. And some masters hairdressers are opposed to silicone makeup, because they believe that the silicone blocks the penetration deeper into the hair active substances special shampoos.

 "Silicon Generation": The cosmetics for hair

So choose the traditional hair care or make use of a revolutionary silicone - as always, the choice is yours. In any case, before applying the latter is not superfluous to the advice of your constant master hairdresser you trust to care for their hair.
Author: Natalia Hryshko