Spring Awakening - 3: Change hairstyle
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In previous articles dealt with the fact that the spring - a time of rapid change. And if you are on the positive changes in the work and in their personal lives - can be slightly transformed externally and internally, and boldly go forward. And be sure to help always and everywhere a little feminine wiles. So, if your stylish spring wardrobe is prepared and you are determined to move to new developments - it's time to also take care of the hair.

A new hairstyle is now profitable to emphasize your style, lift your spirits and allow to reveal the charm. It has already passed the period where because of the frost did not want to leave home, let alone to change something. And now, because I want to surprise everyone with his new image, right?

Where should you start?
First of all, you need to restore hair strength and volume, because after the caps they often lose their shape. Modern cosmetic market offers a wide range of shampoos, conditioners and creams that can give them splendor, shine and elasticity.

Also, do not forget about the time-tested traditional methods. In addition, during the emergence of grasses and flowering You can learn how to prepare medicinal teas yourself. These broths hair can save and, moreover, do not cause allergic reactions.

But the most basic and effective method that helps to restore the elasticity and natural beauty of hair - eating foods that contain vitamins and calcium. Therefore, take care first of all about good nutrition

Selection of hairstyles - an individual matter
Of course, the haircut (and clothes) is selected in accordance with the mood and plans for the day and depends on the length, thickness and other characteristics of hair.

For example, a stacked volumetric loose hair of medium length will make you feel special ease. After all, when the warm spring breeze plays in your hair - it allows you to finally wake up and feel the spirit of spring freshness that reigns around.

 Spring Awakening - 3: Change hairstyle
The model shows a season Spring-2011

But in some cases want to be creative. Sometimes a new hairstyle allows you to develop a creative features. In particular, create a romantic and mysterious way to help light wave. If you are sure that the "chemistry" will harm your hair - you can twist the ends curling at home.

 Spring Awakening - 3: Change hairstyle
Models shows Badgley Mischka and Marc Jacobs, Spring-2011

Because of women's magazines and websites is now possible to pick up and learn how to make yourself a perm hairstyles for any style and image. For example, are always in front curly locks (the rest of the hair can be gathered into a ponytail or separate pins).

By the way, playful high tails are also becoming popular in the spring (especially long-haired beauties). For such kind of "haircut-palm" can look confidently, effectively and very unusual at a time when we begin to take winter hats.

 Spring Awakening - 3: Change hairstyle
Models with displays of the season Spring-2011

Some prefer to shorten the length of the spring, make highlights or completely repaint the hair. This is due to the fact that subconsciously we wish that the new hairstyle is organically combined with the changes that are taking place in our character.

Decisive ready to experiment girl argued that the new hair color helps them to achieve important goals. However, even in this period we build grandiose plans - do not overdo it with color. Do not forget that hair dyes are deprived of natural beauty and strength.

Accessories - base image
In the spring, we are beginning to pay attention to hair accessories. And this is understandable. Success hairstyle necessarily want to decorate.

 Spring Awakening - 3: Change hairstyle
Pins - fashion trend of the season Spring-2011

Bright and colorful barrettes, crocodiles or chamomile may recall childhood and raise the spirits. Especially if they look at the contrast hair. But it is - a good option for weekend, holiday, walks in friendly company.

 Spring Awakening - 3: Change hairstyle
Flowers in her hair - another trend of the season Spring-2011

For the office, you can choose the more reputable jewelry. For example, this design "crab", gum and studs can be beneficial to supplement the business style of dress and make your image more perfect. Ideally, the colors and the external features of these accessories must be combined with the type of organic clothing and emphasize your best features, taste and style.

 Spring Awakening - 3: Change hairstyle
The model with the show Rodarte, Spring-2011

 Spring Awakening - 3: Change hairstyle
The model with the show Prabal Gurung, Spring-2011

But now the fashion show imagination and allows you to combine completely different elements that helps to create a special mood.
Author: Alla Pilipenko