Why suddenly became gray trend
 The first strand of platinum - earlier it was a sign that a woman has topped the so-called "middle age." For every woman - almost defining event, she realizes that getting older. Today, however, things are changing.

If before the day when the first gray curl been seen the woman in the mirror, advancing closer to forty years, but today there is a tendency, when women go gray much earlier. According to one recent study, nearly a third of British women (32%) have begun to turn gray, starting with the thirtieth anniversary. And two-thirds of them blame the stress. And, for example, 20 years ago, 30 young women with gray hair was only 18%.

The company's specialists John Frieda, known for its tools for home and professional hair care also conduct regular studies. And that's what showed. It turns out that more and more young women are buying hair dye, not as a fashion accessory and are not to be changed in accordance with the trend, and to paint gray. The John Frieda, even for this type of clients come up with a separate term GHOSTS (Grey Haired Over Stressed Twenty Somethings), literally the acronym translates as "gray twenties, got gray hair from the stress."

 Why suddenly became gray trend
   Experts John Frieda interviewed masters of their beauty salons, and they confirmed that indeed, in recent years, more and more often for coloring gray hair come younger client. For example, one of these women - Michela Collins, an interior designer from London. She says she began to turn gray in 25 years, at a time when she moved to London and opened his own company. And Michele believes that these two things are interrelated. "I am constantly under stress, and constantly working. And lately sedeyu with frightening speed, yes, I think it is interconnected. "

There are instances when young women did not hide his gray hair, and even proud of it. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Because most women still perceive gray hair as a sign of aging. If men it looks nice and inspires confidence and respect for the women is that they want to hide.

Especially now strange looks gray when there is an entire era of youth, women, and 50 are almost wrinkle-free and with a young, well-groomed skin. In addition, for many a gray hair - it's not only easy to aging, it is an indication that the reproductive function of the woman disappears, and it becomes a grandmother.

Age and genes
Here are the two main factors affecting the appearance of gray hair. In essence, the gray hair - it is the result of cell damage melanocytes, which produce the pigment. It damaged with age. But when it is, with the coming of age milestone this cell begins to break down, is largely determined by our genes. This insists the majority of professional dermatologists. They believe that life does not affect the gray hair.

Recently, however, there were many experts who insist on other causes of early aging (and hence graying) hair. Stress - that's the cause of premature gray hair, - to this view came Philip Kingsley, author of the book "The Bible hair." "We know that stress uses reserves of vitamin B in the body. Our experiments with black rats confirmed the speculation. These rats were deprived of vitamin B, as a result of color in some areas turned white. " Studies in humans have also shown interesting results. However, no one was deprived of vitamins. I hold back the process. Certain vitamins graying given in large doses, and the graying process was reversed.

Japanese scientists have confirmed his research that the relationship between stress and gray hair is present. They identified the action on the hair so-called oxidative stress. It is caused by exposure to cigarette smoke, UV radiation and contamination.

But if the stress and the environment as a cause of early gray hair is confirmed by single scientific advice, the genetic causes of gray hair are confirmed by examples of real people. Many of us have in his entourage of young men, who even during his studies at the Institute began to turn gray. And the vast majority of these people have turned gray fathers of about the same age.

Here's another real-life example. Sarah Harris, a journalist and writer. She writes for the British Vogue. Sarah beginning to turn gray at age 16! Now she's only 31, and her hair is completely silver. Sarah on the side of those experts who consider the genetic causes of gray hair most important. "My mother was completely gray, when she was 29 years old. I remember I was still young, and constantly helped her to dye hair dark brown. After seeing how she suffers, and every six weeks paints over the roots, I decided never in my life did not dye your hair. "

 Why suddenly became gray trend
"I am proud of my hair! "- Said Sarah Harris

Yet, it seems that fully explain the early gray hair only genes would be wrong. Indeed, in this case, these examples are not to be multiplied, as is happening now. Still have to take into account that the gray hair - a complex problem.

White or gray trend
Experts say that the case of Sarah is not so unusual. Girls who have seen up to 20 years in his first gray hair, was enough. Maybe that's why the trend gray hair did not wait? Or maybe because gray hair is much more difficult to paint than the color of the hair. And increasingly gray hair does not hide and do not repaint. However, manufacturers of hair dyes do not agree, they believe that a new generation of inks on the back to deal with gray hair.

Gray hair or strands of steel for some time very popular. Special boom grizzled trend came at last fall 2010, but this fall we will not pass it, stylists say.

Sarah Harris says she often stopped on the street and ask young girls, in which the cabin so she dyed her hair quality.

Lady Gaga last winter was very fond of appearing in our old trend in public.

 Why suddenly became gray trend

And other stars have been quick to demonstrate their awareness of the new trend.

 Why suddenly became gray trend

 Why suddenly became gray trend

 Why suddenly became gray trend

And someone, in contrast, is a striking confirmation of the fact that gray hair is now beginning to come to the modern women very early.

 Why suddenly became gray trend
  Model Kristen Makmenami considers gray hair its hallmark

Author: Vasilisa Cousin