10 reasons to create a new image of your hair
 In your way is wrong. But that's exactly what you can not understand? We can help!

Reason 1
Do not have your hair volume.
On top of the hair smooth and stick to the sides. "If your hair stick, even after dry, place them or screw the, at least, it will look more carefully," says Mark Garrizon master eponymous salon in New York.

Cause 2
Your school friends assure you that "you have not changed!"
Do not you know why? Maybe you do not take care of themselves and do not go to beauty shops, says Sam Brocato, a master hair care .. Try to change yourself, think about what hairstyle would have gone to you, consult with a specialist. Go to a beauty salon and schedule your next image or if you are ready to change - placed in the hands of a specialist.

Reason 3
Have you ever dyed your hair and the roots of the industry.
"Do not go to the regrown roots, it is not beautiful," says Garrison. If you've ever dyed your hair, you should constantly tint them, and it is desirable to do it in beauty salons, because to find the right shade is not so simple. In addition, it is necessary to care for colored hair in the salon you will prompt what means are suitable for you.

Reason 4
You will never make compliments about the hair.
It is necessary to wind the hair on the curling, to pay attention to everything around your hair attention, says Federico Kals - Master Salon in New York City.

Cause 5
Your hair and skin the same color.
If the color of your hair and skin tone are close, you could benefit from this, says Garrison. Make strands deeper, warmer tones using the ammonia-free color that does not damage the hair and make your image more attractive.

Reason 6
Do you follow the fashion, and there is no hair.
Change your style of dress, or simply buying new things, and it would be great to update your hairstyle. Thus, you will attract attention just from the toes to the crown.

Reason 7
Split ends
Reducing the length of the hair may be the only way that will save your hair from dry split ends. But it is worth to take care of their hair - do masks, use balm. Thus, the hair will become more compliant and more healthy.

You all the time collecting hair "ponytail".
Garrison offers style your hair, to wind, to put the hair shape and volume. It will look more interesting than just a tail.

Reason 9
You spend more than 20 minutes to comb the hair.
If you really need a lot of time to comb the hair, then maybe you should use hair conditioner. After the application, which, it will be easy to comb hair.

Reason 10
You think that your stylist trimmed your eyes closed. After visiting the interior you notice that your hair is not cut evenly. Maybe we should change your hairdresser?

First haircut, then change the structure and hair color! Treat your hair using air conditioning, a monthly visit the hairdresser, to style your hair. By doing this, you'll look great! All in your hands!