9 most essential products for the hair. Part 2
 To make your hair always were beautiful!

6. Dry shampoo or talc

These allow you to degrease hair shampoo in the intervals between taking a bath. You do not want to flaunt dirty hair? Use this tool to refresh your appearance.

7. A good hair dryer

Never forget about the quality of your hair dryer! The higher the power and the greater the number of modes, the better and healthier for your hair. If you have thick hair, you need a hair dryer with a capacity of 1, 875 watts, but the 1, 5 W power is also quite good.

8. Mousse for volume or spray, hair straightening

Products, giving additional volume - ideal for creating spectacular hairstyles. If you have coarse hair, it is necessary to use balms, softening their structure. For wavy curls fit straightening sprays.

9. Hairspray

This cosmetic product not only allows you to fix her hair and make original styling, but also protect your hair from UV rays. But do not forget that the paint is not recommended for daily use, so as not to damage the structure of hair.