Sexual hair. Color and shine
 You notice that the hair begins to lose color in two weeks after coloring? It is sad, but in fact it is. Indeed, regardless of the quality of the ink and the amount that you have put in the cabin, the color disappears. Hair gradually become dull, lose color intensity. Why then all those attachments, you may ask, and you will be absolutely right.

But do not despair, there is now a huge range of care products for colored hair, which not only take care of them, but also retain the rich color and shine to your locks, and some even allow you to maintain color.

Colouring agents

This, above all, shampoo, conditioner and a mask, which not only adds color intensity, but podlechivat dry hair.

Coloring shampoo - a mild cosmetic product, which is slightly deepen the tone without causing harm to the health of hair. Its use is not different from the conventional use of shampoo.

Toning conditioner balances the moisture of hair is to put it on for 5-10 minutes.

Speaking of masks It's worth noting that they improve the structure of the hair, so to some extent, even useful. In addition, they support color, it makes them even more versatile.

We recommend to try the individual tint means that you can order from your stylist. They will leave a little more of those that you can buy in the store. But note that these funds will be tailored specifically for your hair. It is worth thinking about what you can pay for the quality and expensive.

What should I pay special attention when choosing tinting resources:

1.   Use a shade close to the one you already have. Otherwise, striking blond hair on a red hue, you may get color "suckling pig".

2.   Note that the composition should not include ammonia, peroxide or alcohol, dried hair and they are harmful to their state.

3.   Do not forget that you have to use means every 2-4 weeks.

4.   Pay attention to daily protect hair from UV radiation.

5.   It is recommended to use the funds which will maintain the natural moisture balance.

6. We also recommend to use the air conditioner or balm, which will give an extra sparkle and shine.