How to give your hair a special shine, without using special tools
 Did you know that extra shine to your hair comb attached correctly chosen?

Combs made of natural bristles are usually chosen as carefully as the pillows. Natural hair brushes generally consist of a small multi-layered bristles or scales, they clean the hair and gives them the ability to reflect light, becoming glossy. It is important to comb your hair before going to bed, but not much need to tease them.

Here are the main ways of dealing with a comb:

• Never brush wet hair.   Wet hair is much more elastic than dry. However, the load when brushing can do more harm than good. Some experts recommend combing hair eight hours after washing, so the natural oils are absorbed into the scalp and spread through hair. Comb your hair, holding a brush from root to tip in one step. Sebum - a natural substance secreted by hair follicles (follicles) and protects, moisturizes hair. Combing from the roots to the tips distributes sebum over the entire length. It is especially important to consider for people with long hair, because it can not be any other way to feed the ends, and moisturizing and protection they really need.

• comb the hair so that they do not remain entangled.   If you use a different styling, that you are familiar with the situation untangling hair. Combing the hair also helps to remove dust, dirt, varnish, not allowing your hair to fade.

• If you have curly hair,   the combing procedure is not as useful to you. After washing the hair a bit dry, and then rubbed in his hands a little styling products, spread it throughout the length of the hair, as it were "crushing" strands hands.