Return seductive hair style
 In 2005, it was in fashion seductive head of hair, which later began to leave by the wayside. Currently, the fashion for this type of hair back, but with new trends and principles. We will tell you how to get into town with stunning hairdo, with little time to spare.

Rule №1. Places emphasis on the top: the main thing - to give an incredible amount. Thus, you will create the charm and attract enthusiastic attention.

Rule №2.   Avoid scallops. Hairdressers and stylists are advised to use a brush with natural bristles or a tree with a few teeth. With it, you not only save your hair, if they are available, but do not damage the hair.

Rule №3.   Apply all their imagination, creative approach to the choice of style. If it is curly hair, then make them bushy. If you decide to keep straight strands, assemble them with a beautiful gum in a ponytail. You can try to use the rim, bandage or the original hairpin - fantasize!

Good luck in your experiments!