Fashionable styling: Hairstyles for a super short hair
 Every woman in her attempts to follow fashion trends. Someone is limited to the purchase of the trend of things. Others are more radical approach - along with clothing change the whole image, and to do this hairstyle, which are recognized in some fashion season.

As for this autumn-winter season, at the peak of their popularity among designers super short haircut like Victoria Beckham.

 Fashionable styling: Hairstyles for a super short hair

This hairstyle is very popular among active women and periodically returns to fashion, never losing adherents. Do you think that using it will not be able to create interesting images? You are wrong, because short hairstyles can be very different: from very short (Alyssa Milano), to the not so short as that of Lady Diana.

 Fashionable styling: Hairstyles for a super short hair

And if you go short haircut?

Before hair cut very short, remember the following.

1. Very short hairstyles are not for everyone. It is best suited to those who face shape oval and triangular. Very, very short haircuts suit low slim girl. And then - on the rise: the longer the haircut, the greater the number of women suitable hairstyle.

2. This haircut can not wear every woman. After all, it is rather male than female, and require skill and patience to give it a certain charm.

3. To keep the shape of hair, go to the hairdresser will have no less frequently than every 4-6 weeks.

4. Each day will have to spend some time to look stylish. Sometimes it is not easy. Although the specific skills will be enough to give your hair no more than 10 minutes a day to do a good installation.

5. Very short haircut sets the tone for your entire image. Therefore, you should not neglect the laying.

 Fashionable styling: Hairstyles for a super short hair

Options for short haircuts, and pilings

If you do decide to, then here are some ideas for your haircut. To begin with, that the short hair can be put completely different. For example, this fall season fashionable smoothly combed hair. You can do this with the help of styling mousse and wax.

The best part is that the styling of short hair does not need to use a wide variety of means. Wax, gel and mousse is more than enough. Moreover, for everyday styling you do not need any pliers or other tools. You will be able to create an image using only your fingers.

For the office can offer the following options.

 Fashionable styling: Hairstyles for a super short hair
   1. The easiest. Dry hair with a small amount of mousse. Then rub in the palms a little wax or serum. Take the front hair and slightly twisted, with your fingers lay on either side. Then whisk the hair on the top and sides. Again, using your fingers. If the dress code does not allow liberties, then simply lift the hair at the crown to create volume. And the hairstyle is ready.

 Fashionable styling: Hairstyles for a super short hair
   2. Another option. Again, using the wax, take the hair on the sides and place them toward the cheeks. And do not forget about the crown. In this case, the hair must not puff up. Just during drying adds volume, and then apply a little wax in the direction of hair growth to shorter hair is bristled. Zacheshite bang fingers forward.

 Fashionable styling: Hairstyles for a super short hair
   3. For the office fit hairstyle a la Audrey Hepburn in the film "Roman Holiday." There will have to try. So, put on wet hair spray for hair styling (or mousse, if not spray). Now take the hair dryer (do not forget about the guide tip!) And dry hair that grows on the sides towards the center of the head. And the hair back - zigzag horizontal movements, giving them a bit of volume. After you dry your hair back and sides, move to the top of the head. There has been formed a wedge of hair. Use your fingers instead of a comb. It is much more convenient.

Once hair is almost dry, take a comb and dosushit head. You just need to comb the hair comb. When he reached the middle of the head, which contains most of the hair, take a deep parting. For example, the left. Thus the skin should not be visible. To achieve this, using a comb, starting from the top, point the hair from the middle to the left, and the rest on the sides down. So you can achieve the desired appearance.

Here you go. The hardest part behind. Now only sleight of hand and wax. Take a product and put it on the hair in the direction opposite to the way we dried. To get a kind of a mess on his head. And then we begin to refine. Let's start with the hair around the cheeks. Let us give a neat appearance. Gently twist and pointed.

Now, with your fingers and go through the hair wax. Let's start with the sides, remove anything that sticks out. We do this with the hair on the top and rear. Then we select the diagonal parting. You may want to emphasize a few pryadok about the person, like Audrey Hepburn.

4. Short haircuts so good that without much effort you can easily transform your image, for example, for the publication. Here is one of the most popular options. At its creation it will take about 10 minutes.

So, if you've just washed and dried hair, then take the spray, nail and hair dryers. First, on the roots of the hair spray spray. Take the hair with your fingers, and air dry them. Now take a nail. Turn back hair, and point at a tangent to the hair at maximum capacity and spray. The air will help him better distributed over the surface of the head. Then a little secret. Apply a little polish on your hands, and once again go over the hair to better allocate funds.
Now we take the wax hair. Rubs his hands in her hair and put on motions that resemble the process of shampooing.

Apply the product to the hair back from the base of the neck towards the crown. Take a little hair in the front and make the parting. Kill the hair using stealth. Take the remaining hair on the other side of the same. Easy negligence adds piquancy.

The hair on the top of whip. Take a small section and slightly nacheshite. Walk along the line. Then create the integrity between the hair on the back and top of the head with your fingers.

To obtain a less aggressive way, with the help of forceps screw the middle part of the hair, the hair on his head a bit smooth. Curls with your fingers comb in the direction in which you made the parting, and pull them slightly back.

And finally, some tips:

• Remember that a short haircut draws attention to the face, particularly the eyes. Therefore, this part of the make-up person to pay more attention.

• Working with hair, especially with short, do not apply too much styling. Good wax and rub the serum in his hands. They need to become transparent.

• And the last. By creating a hairstyle, do not touch the hair with clean hands. So you remove already applied for fixing purged. Therefore, first, palm sprinkle varnish or rub the wax therein.
Author: Vera Karabutova