Ideas hairstyles for a party
 Summer came, and with it the time for vacations, parties or just a romantic stroll in the moonlight. At the same time you always want to look like something in a special way, without spending too much effort. You think it's impossible?

In vain. Today I want to offer a few ideas of how to make a home for a party a stunning hairstyle.

Agree that any informal event - a great opportunity to experiment with fashion. At the same hairstyles presented to the most important requirement - it should hold out for quite a long time. Moreover, it should be possible to fix it quickly. I offer you 5 cocktail options.

 Ideas hairstyles for a party

This hairstyle is always relevant, in addition, it allows you to quickly transform its image after work. Generally, ponytail opens a lot of opportunities for experimentation. So do not be afraid to try something new. So, to create a variant of this hairstyle:
  1. Take a deep side parting.

  2. Use the brush to create volume at the roots. Too flat hairstyles will look bored at a party.

  3. Gather hair into a low ponytail, so that they (the hair) is slightly covered his ears.

     Ideas hairstyles for a party
  4. Secure with rubber bands. On top of it you can tie or tape, or wrap a strand of hair.

  5. Then walk your fingers on the ends of the hair to remove excess prilizannosti. You can try to curl the hair.

  6. If you have bangs, then zacheshite her side.

 Ideas hairstyles for a party

Wavy hair evoke thoughts of the beach. This hairstyle is borrowed from the 20s. Therefore, it looks very stylish and glamorous. Suitable for any occasion: for parties on the beach and to go out. To do this hairstyle:
  1. Wash your hair with shampoo that gives volume. Do not forget to use conditioner to hair was silky. Just do not apply it directly to the roots, otherwise no volume will not.

  2. To hair is not sticking out in different directions, use the serum.

  3. Lower the head and dry hair up to 90% percent, lifting them at the roots to add volume. Then, lift your head and make a side parting.

  4. Now take the narrow utyuzhok. The shorter your hair, the narrower than it should be. Without touching the ends of the hair, grab the strands and wind on utyuzhok so that the ends were not sound around. Spray spray that locks better kept.

  5. Now take a large round brush and comb. This should be done carefully, passing at the same place a maximum of two times. Finally, sprinkle again spray.

 Ideas hairstyles for a party
 Free elegance

Beautiful hair makes us feel very differently than usual. We are becoming more beautiful and glamorous as the stars on magazine covers. If you have enough time and patience, try a hairstyle:
  1. To achieve good results, the hair should not be washed for two days. If you have oily roots use a special dry shampoo, which will bring unwanted fat. And apply the entire length of any protective agent type hair cream.

  2. Divide hair into 2 parts, with a comb with widely spaced teeth. Take a strand width of about 5 cm, and wind, so that the roots of the hair remains about 8-10 cm, ie, Most over.

  3. Now take small strands and tossed them in the opposite direction, as if the French braid braids, so that curled ends are free. In addition, each strand spill attach invisible. Leave the two strands around the face.

  4. Now take a rubber band and fix her hair. Around her, wrap a strand of hair and secure it with a hair invisible.

 Ideas hairstyles for a party

If the time just sorely lacking or deteriorated hair, do the following:
  1. Wash your head.

  2. Apply to wet hair a little mousse.

  3. Using your fingers do the hair of the flagella. To do this, take a strand thickness of about 2 cm and screw in the form of a plait. Not unwinding, leave to dry.

Or, try this option:
  1. Wash your head.

  2. Apply hairspray. Dry, lifting at the roots. Then take utyuzhok and straighten hair.

  3. Then apply the hair serum or cream-shine.

  4. Take the front part of the hair. The width should not be greater than your forehead.

  5. Slightly nacheshite strand.

  6. Lower back and fix invisible.

This hairstyle, despite its simplicity, always looks stylish.

That such simple manipulations can help to quickly freshen up and shine at the party.
Author: Vera Karabutova