Kos. Variations on a theme
 Season autumn - winter 2009/2010 is full of unexpected ideas and suggestions. So, again, the designers made fashionable braid. In my opinion, which was formed in childhood, this hairstyle is boring and does not add to the charm. But it was quite the opposite. Now there are many variations, so that holders of a long and not very long hair can safely experiment.

The best part is that the braid can be combined with other trendy hairstyles this season: beams and tails. Moreover, you can create an image suitable for the office and for the party.

Option 1.   You can make a hairstyle like Jennifer Lopez.

To do this you need to collect hair in a ponytail. So, not to any one hair bristled. It is better to use styling products: nail polish or wax. Bottom tail Take a small strand several times (how much is enough hair length) wrap around the elastic. Secure the end of a tail using stealth. Now braid normal braid. Secure the end of the rubber band. You can decorate the hair ribbon, barrette beautiful again or gum to mask the manner already described.

Deeds for 5 minutes, and the view - neat and stylish.

 Kos. Variations on a theme

Option 2 twisted braid.   You can do it as a tail, starting from the top, and just starting from the base of the head. You can also braid plait small side.

 Kos. Variations on a theme

Go to the technique of execution. Again, start with the tail: tying the tail on top. Eraser hide the already known method. Now, divide the hair into 3 parts. Take two pieces in his left hand, and the rest - start spinning. Once you have mastered, perekin'te twisted part of the left, and take the lock, located in the middle. Continue to hold fast in his hands twisted and untwisted strands. We do the same with the average as the first. Again, toss your hair twisted to the left. On the third strand to act as the previous two. Once you twist it, and burn it to the left. Now the first strand has appeared again in your right hand. And start again. The first left, second to the left, the third left. As if you weaves the rope. Do not forget to hold fast to twisted strands. By the way, when you gain experience, you can safely try to combine twisted braid French braiding.

Option 3: The fish tail.   Weaving is very beautiful. You can begin to weave both the base of the head and from the top, and even higher. Focus can also be different. With this option, spit you can create any image, from rockers to romantic. It all depends on the direction of weaving and how much you tighten the hair in a braid.

 Kos. Variations on a theme

The simplest technique is to perform braiding the tail. Once mastered it can do more complex hairstyle. Making a low ponytail. Divide the hair into two equal parts. Now take a small strand of the left (from Part 1) and we move it on top of the strand 1. Now separate the small strand of Part 2 and we move to the left. And continues to take on a small amount of hair from each side.

If you want to do this hairstyle is not the tail, then divide your hair into two equal halves, and performance technique remains the same.

 Kos. Variations on a theme

Option 4.   Want to make hair like Kristen Bell ("Couples Retreat," "Fans" and so forth.)? Even if the name you nothing to say, hair should be like.

 Kos. Variations on a theme
   • Pre-tongs you can curl the hair. So, do shallow parting and hair combed back. Knotted at the base of the tail head free. Then plait the hair, dividing them into four strands. Fix the braid using the gum.

• Now that her artistic bent, lift towards the back of the head. Secure in several places invisible.

• Then, take a few pryadok front and torsion, move them back and fix as invisible. Hide them for oblique. And sprinkle with hair lacquer.

 Kos. Variations on a theme
   It's not all kinds of weaving braids. A lot of them, from the simplest to the very interesting and original designs. Try, experiment. Add to their hairstyles scarves, ribbons, etc.

In conclusion, I would like to give some advice to those who will weave braids:
  • Never braid wet hair. Otherwise, you can severely damage them.

  • How can less braid tight braids.

  • Use a soft eraser and tape to fix her hair.

  • If you have heavy hair, never wear a braid hanging. So you damage the hair roots.

Creating a particular hairstyle, remember that even the most difficult hair can be to learn to do.
Author: Vera Karabutova