10 ingenious methods for eye makeup
 You already feel a pro in makeup? Then surely you have your own tricks and techniques in this field. And if unavailable - try these interesting ideas how to do eye makeup easier and more effective.

1. Smoky eyes effortlessly

This style of makeup once considered one of the toughest. Now everything is different. Modern technology - a "smoky eye" with the ship in two parts:

1) circle the lash line (top and bottom, inside and outside);

2) feather applicator or brush.

Select for this technique most pigmented cream products. There are also news of pencils, in the name of which means that they are intended for "Smokey┬╗: Bourjois Effet Smoky Eye Pencil, Maybelline Master Smoky by EyeStudio eye pencil.

 10 ingenious methods for eye makeup

2. Liquid eyeliner pencil ...

Eyeliner liquid vehicle is a more effective and precise. But with him there and complexity: firstly, it kept very short time and secondly, to work with them need certain skills to work with liquid eyeliner. And here, a pencil - is another matter! It would be nice if he became liquid. There is nothing easier! Light a candle or a lighter and the magic begin. Hold the tip of a pencil over a flame for 3-4 seconds, no more. Wait 10-15 seconds to cool down the pencil and apply on line growth of eyelashes. Liner becomes more elastic, supple, color - brighter. Your pen will function as liquid eyeliner!

 10 ingenious methods for eye makeup

3. thickened ink becomes liquid again

This trick can be to try and liquid liner, which has become too thick, or started to dry. Pour into a bowl or a cup of boiling water, and place the tube of mascara or eyeliner (closed!). Wait 5 minutes, and then the product will be as good as new: thin, supple, flexible.

4. Most smooth line of liquid eyeliner

It is very easy to achieve. First, draw a pencil line. It will be markings. A top line of brush and apply liquid eyeliner.

5. Gel eyeliner starts to dry

Gel product as cream or liquid, can be softened by heat. However, water or fire is not suitable. Try to warm the gel eyeliner hairdryer (keep on the product stream of hot air about 40 seconds), or send a jar of gel product for a few seconds in the microwave.

 10 ingenious methods for eye makeup

6. Extreme lengthening eyelashes

Apply a coat of mascara on the lashes. Then take a little bit of baby powder and dip a cotton swab in it. Stick powder coat the tips of the lashes. Wait a minute and apply a second coat of mascara. Your lashes will be the same as in advertising lengthening mascara!

 10 ingenious methods for eye makeup

7. Ideal recycled lashes

Use the curler - a good idea. But use a little secret. Before you curl eyelashes, heat the curler with a hair dryer. Then curl will be steeper, and will last longer.

 10 ingenious methods for eye makeup

8. The layer-by-layer

Instead of painting the cilia one thick layer of mascara, apply 2 or 3 thin coats of mascara. Each layer is dried. This will create a more stable and good staining.

 10 ingenious methods for eye makeup

9. Buy a primer for eyelids

Make-up artists highly recommend. Primers Eye shadows makes more vivid in color, allowing the shadows to stay longer. The only problem is that the primers for the eyes - not a cheap product, and spent very quickly. But this problem has a solution. Try to create a product to assess the merits of the ground for the shadows.

For homemade primer, you will need:

- A small container (you can use a jar of lip balm);

- Liquid foundation concealer or liquid (the product may be flickering)

- Body Oil White (choose a product thick consistency like butter).

Products take a ratio of 4: 1 (4 parts of butter, 1 part of pitch). Were combined to give the desired agent. Store in the refrigerator or in the shadow of not more than 1 month.

10. Light the eyes

It's very easy. Looking flickering shadows. Apply it every time on the lash line (with a brush for shadows). Top fail the line, they are used to: a pencil or liquid eyeliner. Light flicker will create a glow effect eye, giving glare that illuminate the eye.

 10 ingenious methods for eye makeup

Author: Vasilisa Cousin