Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original
 Curled lashes create the effect of the wide-open, big eyes. This technique helps to look cheerful in the morning and sleep. How can you curl eyelashes?

Curls mascara

Curls mascara - the first thing that comes to mind when you want to get Curly, shoots up the cilia. Curling effect depends on the composition and the design of mascara brush. As part of the tightening up of mascara are always silicones and waxes to help as much as possible to maintain the bending cilia. A mascara brush curls tend to be curved (crescent-shaped).

Makeup artists believe that there is no universal mascara. That is, if you want that bend eyelashes, the mascara will tighten them, but not to lengthen - is a different problem, and they require different compositions and different design brushes.

Why tightening up mascara curl the lashes? The whole point of the polymers that form around each cilium like synthetic tube that holds the curl lashes and prevents gravity. The polymers in the composition of the carcass must be strong enough to keep the curls in effect for the whole day. But here lies another feature to tighten up the carcass. It is difficult to remove water. To each cilium to exempt from the "tube" need a good makeup remover oil-based ink to remove without friction, easily, and without damaging the eyelashes.

 Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original

A recognized leader in tightening up the carcass:
Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara, Lancome Virtuose Black Carat Divine Lasting Curves, Maybelline GreatLash (with a curved brush).

Curler eyelash curler

Success eyelash curler using this device is firstly, as Kerler itself, and secondly, the correctness of its application. As for quality, then you can give a few simple tips:

- Trust the proven brands (for example, among professional makeup artists are leading curlers from Shu Uemura and Shiseido).

- Pay attention to the quality of the materials from which made curler (meaning that there should be no burr, pads should be firm but not too hard, so as not to break the eyelashes).

 Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original

Now, how to use the curler to get a good and long-lasting curl.

1. Keep the rollers (or curler) as ordinary scissors.

2. Fully open the curler and grab the upper lashes. Put pads Kerler as close as possible to the roots of the lashes.

3. Make sure that all lashes are within Kerler. Put yourself rollers vertically to curler arc repeats the century, it did not break.

4. Close the rollers, gently squeezing. And complete the movement, gently pulsing.

5. Now place the curler at an angle to the face, grabbing lashes elsewhere, a little further away from the roots. This will create a real curl, and not just the effect of looking up the cilia.

6. Hold the curler few seconds without blinking, you will need to do some light pressure on the handle Kerler.

7. Repeat the same with the other eye.

 Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original

The heated curler

Curl made curler will keep much longer if the device will be hot. Curling in this case will require more experience and skills, because you need to act quickly before the curlers are not cooled. There are two easy ways how to warm curler:

- With the help of the dryer. Turn on the hair dryer to the network, bring the hot air stream to the curler for 1-2 minutes. Then curl the eyelash curler heated.

 Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original

- With the help of hot water. Place the curler under a stream of hot water or in a glass of hot water.

 Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original

Eyelash curlers

Another kind of eyelash curler by heating - a curling eyelashes. This beauty gadget can be found in many online stores. Its operating principle is simple - it is a heating device that is brought to the lashes. Like the curling hair, it curls lashes by heating and reshaping.

 Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original

However, this wave of eyelashes does not yet have a large popularity. In general, because there is a risk of burning the skin and cilia. Many are afraid to carry out such manipulations near the eyes. And rightly so. We advise you to use any hot tongs only those who have enough experience in this area and well-equipped place to work, so that nothing distracted and did not stop.

Fingers and a little heat

Beauty bloggers recommend this method. It is necessary to cover the lashes with several layers of mascara as usual. Then press your fingers warmed them up. Keep as 3 minutes and warm up your fingers, just vigorously rubbing his hands. After 3 minutes, you get a nice curl. And, most importantly, fairly stable. They say, it keeps the whole working day. It turns out that the usual mascara (not tightening up) can be a time to keep the curl, if it is secured by means of heat.
 Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original

By the way, you can operate in the reverse order. That is, first use warm fingers to the lashes, and then cover them with ink. However, this curl is absolutely no proof. Within half an hour curled lash effect disappears.


Secret eyelash curler with a conventional metal spoon many years. But in the 21st century, many of them enjoy. For example, Miranda Kerr in an interview said that sometimes curl lashes with a spoon. This method requires some imitation Kerler when rib spoon applied to the lashes on one side, and crimping is done with your fingers.

But the method can not be called comfortable. Without practice, you can break the cilia. Still spoon edge can be quite sharp.

 Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original

However, do not underestimate the spoon as the beauty-accessible device. There is another interesting way of eyelash curler with a spoon. This method works the same way as heating tongs. That is, the spoon should be a good warm up, press and hold her lashes so a couple of minutes. Then apply mascara (cilia when cool). Curling effect lasts all day! Heat can be spoon under hot running water and a hairdryer.

 Eyelash curler: the methods of classic and original

Author: Vasilisa Cousin