Rejuvenating Makeup
 Is transformed into a moment, returning the skin bright colors and sweeping stroke of the pen erasing the last 10-20 years, not only can Photoshop. This unique properties has also rejuvenating makeover. What is it and how to learn his technique to tell on!

The purse every woman an abundance of funds, the keepers of female attractiveness. Lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, blush and concealer - all of which can rejuvenate you, of course, when applied correctly.

Beauticians and makeup artists have created a great collection of rules to remember and blowing in the case that you will be able to shine like a young nymph!

Flawless facial skin

Tonal basis and out - better not!

In fact, it does not matter, you use foundation or powder. Application of the two textures on the face "from ear to ear," You do not appreciate the result. Of course, if you are not going to participate in the parade of Venetian masks. It is best to apply the means locally, only on those areas of the skin where it is necessary. This usually - cheek area under the eyes, nostrils. We should not forget carefully shade border. In doing so, you not only make the tone of the face smooth and fresh, but also lose a few years.

Moisturizing foundation cream - yes and yes!

In addition to the explicit rejuvenating effect of this cosmetic product fills the skin with moisture, enhance its elasticity and give a perfect finish. Anti-Age components in "podlechat" wrinkles and smooth the surface of the face.

Powder as the basic tone - better not!

The compact and loose powder have the same properties - to absorb light, stripping the skin of a rich shine. If you are used to apply the powder as a separate layer, and not the final make-up, damage to your appeal, unfortunately, is provided. This method of application only emphasize shadows and wrinkles on the face, aggravate dry skin, and even provoke peeling.

Dark shades of blush - better not!

If you are to this day applied to the cheekbones dark blush, please change tactics! Such freedom does sunken cheeks and gives only one effect - turns you into an old woman Shapoklyak!

Cream Blush - yes and yes!

Plastic texture cream blush - one of the best inventions of cosmetology! They perfectly accentuate the cheekbones, giving gorgeous healthy glow. Smile at your reflection in the mirror, and then apply blush to the most prominent part of the cheeks.

Pearly shade - better not!

Most makeup artists are convinced - at the 35th birthday party should organize a chic, gathering the best and true friends and solemnly pass ... cosmetics with a new generation of pearl. Equally shocking categorization has a very serious study. Tiny particles of pearlescent agents treacherous "clog" the pores and wrinkles, thereby adding age. A compositions Glitter relevant only at parties or on the faces of senior pupils.

Nutritionally-moisturizing day cream - better not!

It is clear that age skin needs nutrition and hydration, I want to regain the confidence of the old and a pleasant feeling of comfort. But the fact is that the dense texture of a cosmetic product leaves the skin "film" that could interfere with the makeup to stay as it should. The result - a concealer and eye shadow roll smeared and often appears shine. Beloved Nourishing cream - certainly "yes", but in the evenings or weekends, when you can afford to lack of makeup on her face.

 Rejuvenating Makeup

Alluring lips

Matte Lipstick - better not!

This lipstick does not reflect light, and therefore, the entire number of its shades will make the lips visually already land. In particular ladies' little over thirty "should not be used deliberately dark lipstick - for example, wine or plum.

Silky Lipstick - yes and yes!

Brilliant, but not silky shine like lipstick created in the name of your beauty. So stunning effect also has the classic red lipstick. Both versions emphasize the natural shape of the lips and delight their incredible volume.

Speaking look

Eye Primer - yes and yes!

The main purpose of the primer - Eye shadows provide a good basis, keeping them from rolling. Therefore, its application will only benefit you. You will receive not only a brilliant make-up, but also accompanying bonuses in the form of additional moisturizing and smoothing the skin.

Black arrows - better not!

Black color for mature skin, alas, is merciless. Drawn black arrows on the eyelids only accentuate age-related changes, especially the overhang of the upper eyelid and ptosis of eye corners. In this situation, the best bet on the correct ink.

Proper ink - yes and yes!

Make it look more profound and expressive help with mascara lengthens and curls formula. Her "sister" - "ultraobem" and "the effect of false eyelashes" more emphasis on the non-ideal shape of the eye than an added attraction.

The clear shape of the eyebrows - yes and yes!

Beautiful eyebrows bend, no doubt, will rejuvenate the face lifted you up on a pedestal feminine charm. A trick makeup artists, such as a bit of highlighter under the curve, give the skin around the eye lifting effect.

A huge arsenal of cosmetics, today presented the beauty industry, allowing each woman to be young and attractive as long as she wants it. We just need to be able to use it to your advantage! Be charming!
Author: Natalia Bartukova