Bottomless eyes ...
 Do you pay attention to how the stars in the photos with and without makeup? For example, my favorite actress - Gwyneth Paltrow, some of her photo shoot surprise me: where these famous eyes disappear ?!

What is the secret? We will try to tell you about some tricks:

1.   In the first place, to curl lashes before applying mascara.

2.   Do not forget to paint well bottom cilia. Previously, I avoided it, but the stylist explained that it was this method allows to increase the eye.

3. Modern technologies allow to do eyelash so that others will think that this is your gift from nature. Also false eyelashes good design will not be evident, but it will give them a unique look.

4. Some stylists recommend sum lower lash line with a white eyeliner.

5. White pencil - a universal means you can use it on the inner corners of the eyes. It gives a specific and attractive image.

6.   Make sure that your eyebrows are elegant and excellent. Give them a beautiful shape, add a little color - it will revitalize the look and give confidence. It is especially important to have a tidy eyebrows, if you hire a new job, let your boss and other employees see you superior in every way!
Author: Ann