How to create a make-up in 5 minutes
 You have five minutes to freshen up and get out? Well, five minutes - this is also the period following describes what you should do.

1. A little bit of moisturizer. Generally it is recommended to apply the cream 10 minutes before applying foundation to enable it to absorb, but when time is running out completely can be limited to a small amount of moisturizer.

2.   Apply a foundation with the help of sponges. I always use only a sponge, because I think the brush uncomfortable. Sponge tool allows you to distribute evenly in such a way that others will not guess that it is cosmetics.

3. Use blush, preferably powder structures are easier to apply.

4. Apply your favorite shade: light touch of the applicator will be enough to create a natural way.

5.   Emphasize the lash line using eyeliner. Since we have limited time, it is worth to focus on the parts of the century. This option looks very impressive and leaves too many divorces.

6.   Apply mascara.

7.   Using dark brown pencil, add elegance eyebrows if required.

  Nakraste lipstick, using a small brush. The fact that the brush distributes the color is much better than just lipstick.

9.   Powder nose and T-zone, it is desirable to use matte powder in the powder.

10.   Check your cheekbones if shade is too pale, then apply more blush.

Small tips:

Before you apply makeup, get all the makeup that you need to work while not being distracted by the search for something necessary. And, of course, the advice is to use, assigning them to each person individually!