How to make up for 10 minutes
 Do you have a bit more than five minutes to make the make-up? Let's see what additional steps you should take.

1.   Apply a cold compress on the eyelids to remove any swelling.

2.   Apply a moisturizer.

3.   Use make-up foundation, apply it recommended using a sponge to spread evenly. Do not forget about the neck.

4.   Apply a little foundation to hide dark circles under the eyes. Several peas funds would be sufficient.

5.   Use a brush for eyebrows. If their form does not suit you, then Adjust it with the help of special tweezers.

6.   Apply eyebrow pencil if you do not like the color. To hairs look carefully, you can use gel for eyelashes and eyebrows.

7.   Use shades of color who prefer. For even distribution of the color shade is applied with an applicator. To enhance the color, apply several layers of shadows.

8. Apply liquid liner or any other dark color liner. With it, you pay attention to the eyes of others.

9.   Bend the lashes with special forceps.

10.   Apply mascara, preferably in two layers. For greater certainty comb them, to avoid lumps.

eleven.   Use lipstick, it is recommended to apply it using a thin brush for the lips. Thus, you will achieve a graceful manner.

12.   With a little puff, apply a matte or shiny powder.

13.   If your cheeks too pale, use blush pink color.