Make-up: day view
 In the morning, about to leave the house, you can not afford to stick lashes, apply a darker tone and lipstick bright lipstick. Day make-up is different from the evening as well as modestly Coco Chanel business suit different enchanting evening gowns Sonia Rykiel.

Janine Bird (Janine Bird) - makeup star in London. She participates in all the fashion week and teaches the whole team make-up artists in the school «Stil». Today, she talks about how to make up the eye for daytime makeup.

Janine starts with moisturizing eye contour. Her secret - before serving warm up the cream in the hands. Circles under the eyes, it masks the color that matches the color of the entire face. Jeanine advises apply this disguise eyes directly on the liquid powder, not under it as advice to other make-up artists.

Jeanine - woman active, it does not tolerate routine in such a creative process as makeup. Therefore, observe how it works, very interesting.

Then she puts the shade - this season nacreous - on the upper eyelid. Council Jeanine: make-up brushes, rather than a sponge. It must be at least two brushes: rounded to handle shadows and pointed to a sophisticated makeup. Eye makeup can not tolerate the slightest negligence, he needs the accuracy of movements, so good quality brushes - is not superfluous.

"Many women are content to put a shadow on the eyelids, it is not rubbing them! "- Surprised Jeanine. Plunging his brush in the shadow, it imposes the lightest color from a palette of shades on all upper eyelid. Raster shade brush, it places the darkest shadow color on the lower part of the upper eyelid - the so-called area of ​​"banana". Rubbing the shade from the outer corner to the inner, Jeanine works light, circular movements.

"Eyeliner is needed even in the daytime. It gives the look expressive "- says Jeanine. But for most of the subtleties - to avoid sharp lines - it removes the pigment with a pencil and then brush this brush paints a dark line along the edge of the upper eyelid.

Eyelashes Jeanine advises bend before the imposition of mascara - Mascara fix then this beautiful shape.

Jeanine usually uses black ink based on optical fibers, which increases the volume of each eyelash. For daytime makeup Jeanine does not recommend painting the lower lashes - this gesture too, "weights" of the eye.

Finally you need to brush your eyebrows and a little touch up their special pencil.
Author: Tatiana MASS