The right makeup: to hide flaws, emphasize the dignity
 You will without any problems be able to create the perfect makeup, you only select the colors that best fit your skin tone and hair color. Sometimes makeup is applied just for fun, try to give yourself a new unique image by experimenting with their abilities make-up artist. Spend time and money on your beauty, love the views of others will pay the full monty.

Consider the subtleties of makeup

1. Apply only on the basis of well-moisturized skin

A foundation is better to put a dot, then rub each piece of sponge.
Make sure that the foundation is applied uniformly, and the color is distributed correctly.

2. Blush should be applied on top of the base or powder

  To properly apply blush, dip a soft brush, shake it to remove the excess. Then applied to the cheekbones.

Apply blush better follows: smile, and apply  The right makeup: to hide flaws, emphasize the dignity
 rouge on the speakers, "apples", moving the brush from the bottom up.

  In order to "pull" round face , Rub your cheeks blush upwards from a hairline.  The right makeup: to hide flaws, emphasize the dignity
 Then apply a light blush along the cheekbones and darker - in the groove cheeks.

  Round square face It can inflict blush solid spot on the rounded part of the cheeks. Bright blush lightly spray on to the tip of the nose and chin.

 The right makeup: to hide flaws, emphasize the dignity
   Balance heart-shaped face   applying blush just below the cheekbone (in a natural depression in the cheek). Lighter blush applied to the tip of the chin, and apply a darker whiskey, then mash up the hairline.

3. When applying blush, move the eyes and eyebrows

To outline the eyebrows, you will need dry shade or eyebrow pencil. Dry shade is applied with a brush for the eyebrows, evenly distributed over the entire length, being careful not to touch the surrounding skin. You can also use a well-sharpened pencil, not pressing hard on him.

Methods eyeliner change as often as fashion itself. The only thing you need - a little practice, what would the line was flat and located as close to the lashes.

 The right makeup: to hide flaws, emphasize the dignity
   And, of course, the one thing that is always there in any woman's purse - a mascara. Nothing but she is not able to give your look a unearthly trepidation.

  Start by applying mascara on the upper lashes, go over them from top to bottom, then slide the brush from the bottom up. To mascara does not clump together, apply it in small zigzag movements. Then the tip of the brush, go over the lower lashes, using soft horizontal movement. Walk on the eyelashes special raschesochkoy. Note that the carcass is now available with a variety of brushes, pick it for you.

4. Now let us turn to her lips

Today lipsticks offer you much more than just a coloring pigment. Make sure that your lips soft and supple. Start by applying hygienic lipstick or balm.  The right makeup: to hide flaws, emphasize the dignity
 Lie on your elbow on a hard surface and gently apply a contour using a pencil for the lips. Start with the upper lip, then make your lip primer, put it on their base using a cosmetic sponge (she should get up every crack). Apply on top of the base layer bit ordinary powder to fix lipstick for a longer time. Now draw a contour on the lower lip, is connected to the border of the upper lip.  The right makeup: to hide flaws, emphasize the dignity
   With brush fill kennels lipstick, trying to cover it all cracks on the surface of the lips. Slightly open your mouth to make it easier to paint the corners. Your lipstick will stay longer if you get wet the surface with a paper towel. It also will give your lips an attractive semi-shade.

Today, to look beautiful and attractive, it is not necessary to adhere to certain common standards. The modern approach to female beauty emphasizes individuality, peculiar only to her features and style. The main advantage of makeup is that it can help to make any woman irresistible. Just do not abuse - cosmetics should hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity, and not to remake your face completely.

Be individually!