Unique become a household name!
 In our daily use are a huge number of objects and products whose names were once the sole and, indeed, unique in its kind. Appearing first in the market, they quickly finds his fans and become the absolute leaders of entire product categories. The most popular examples of this phenomenon are all familiar copier (company Xerox), diapers (trademark of Procter & Gamble) and tape (trademark of 3M). But the nature of the names of many of the goods we never think, and yet they are called that way only because the grand success of specific companies! Here are some of them…

One of the most famous drug, which is sometimes referred to as "the panacea of ​​the twentieth century", is aspirin. The Bayer Group has registered the trademark of the famous anti-inflammatory and antipyretic Aspirin more in 1899. But when the patent period has expired, according to the court decision in 1921, "aspirin" was the term that to this day almost all countries represents an anesthetic drug.

Favorite and kids, and adults delicacy, which we now refer to as Eskimo, was invented in the early XX century. Will be available in 20s glazed ice cream under the name "Eskimo-unit» (EskimoPie) quickly won the hearts of millions of people, and now after years of any ice on the shelf, covered with chocolate glaze, called Eskimo.

In 1968 absolutely incredible innovation that shocked the world, it was the hot tub. Its founder was the company Jacuzzi. First bath installed exclusively in hotels and luxury hotels, and later, when their popularity reached a high level, and they appeared in private homes. Today, using the word "jacuzzi" we mean a hot tub, regardless of manufacturer.

 Unique become a household name!
   More recently, the list of goods, indicating the whole category added to the amazing beauty-design created by an American corporation CND (Creative Nail Design) - a hybrid of varnish and gel Shellac. This innovative tool has a dignity and a gel lacquer produced a revolution in the nail industry. For now the dream of many women - have the perfect cover for two weeks - was realized, and today almost every beauty salon offers its clients a perfect manicure Shellac.

I would like to know what you pay for ...
Shellac covering an incredibly prevalent in our country and around the world. Popularity means justified. Perfect manicure, shining coat on nails for two weeks - it's really cool! Shellac does not cleave, its color does not fade and does not change its color, and most importantly - it does not damage the natural nails! The drug was originally created in order to maximize the preservation of their health.

Before applying the coating does not require any preparation: no need zapilivaem nail and use special tools for better durability such as primers.

 Unique become a household name!

That is why many women are choosing the procedure, preferring to build it .  And here are just pops up the most "but", which was mentioned earlier ... Come on manicure with Shellac, but it turns out that you are going to do is not Shellac, but something completely different .  To be more precise, offering nail gel that manufacturer! In response to the lack of understanding on the part of the customer, some stores say, for example, "what's the difference, they are all similar, but we are working on other brands ..." But how can that be ?! After all, there is a difference! It is enormous! First and foremost, it consists in preparing the natural nail to the coating .  Maximum sparing it exclusively before applying Shellac .  In the case of using other hybrids varnish and gel nails are stripped, and thus injured exactly the same as before escalating .  Well, the list goes on .  Caused us to "the same" kind of cover, and if the shine is still preserved in some of these hybrids, the color is impossible to say with certainty .  Yellowness, burning and changing color - a rather frequent shortcomings "Clone» Shellac . 

 Unique become a household name!

When it comes time to remove the coating again, everything is ambiguous and not "the same". The uniqueness of CND Shellac is that it is not necessary to file away, because the file down simply nothing! Under the influence of atsetonosoderzhaschey liquid coating breaks into small particles and removed without leaving residue. Natural nail, however, remains healthy, the same as it was prior to coating.

For these reasons, Shellac, and it has become a favorite not only with customers, but also from the masters. Visitors to beauty salons want to have on your nails is his. And administrators, writing for the procedure is promising. In fact, it sometimes goes differently. Therefore, if you are going to make coated with shellac, make sure that the master is working on the preparation Shellac by CND. By the way, I would like to note that this procedure is far from the cheapest! Therefore, otherwise there is a risk not only deprive yourself of pleasure to have perfect nails, but also throw away an impressive amount of money. Therefore, if you want a truly luxurious lasting manicures and know what you pay for, do not fall for the tricks are not the most conscientious salons! Colleagues consumers, encourage you, beware!
Author: Olga Larsen