At the age of elegance ...
 When starting the proverbial age when every self-respecting woman, you want - do not want, in the opinion of the public, is simply obliged to be elegant? Usually it is placed somewhere just behind the "middle-aged" (with some overlap).

As you know, the age of the heroines of Honore de Balzac was in the range of 25-30 years, but the extension of life expectancy and lengthening the period of his youth, now talking about middle-aged, often have in mind will give away 30, say, 37 - 47 years. And all that is then (45), usually referred to the age of elegance.

Does this mean that the young and the young age of elegance is not inherent and do not need? Of course not - dress tastefully, look at 100 and behave according to his image and status of the possible and necessary at any age. And if you do not cultivate the habit of good taste from an early age, then where vozmёtsya elegance of maturity? After all, first of all, elegance - it's a matter of taste . There are, of course, lucky, someone aesthetic sense given birth - maybe the genes transferred, and perhaps salutary example of mothers and grandmothers say. Well, the rest who are not so lucky, you need to develop it to myself to learn the elegance and good taste. Doing it is never too late! It would be a wish!

Elegance - the right choice
Choose from a variety of materials, styles, patterns, colors and trendy additions and asseksuarov that emphasizes the benefit is your personality, and at the same time harmoniously corresponds to the location, time of year, the circumstances - this is elegance.

 At the age of elegance ...
   It is understood that the woman to adulthood have mastered this science to perfection (well, was to capture), pomudrela, occupied a certain place in society and social status. Although, of course, in reality, at every step you can meet women in the "age of elegance", the appearance of which is very far from elegance. Someone there is no time, no money, no desire! Someone just not used to think about these "high matters" - clothes bought for the occasion, if appropriate price and advise the seller, cosmetics selected by the same criteria. And others have the money, time, desire, but the taste is poor.

Quite often women choose for yourself manner of dress once upon a time, I do not wish to notice that everything flows and everything changes, including changing the figure, an oval face, skin, hair condition. Often absurd and funny woman looks first youth in a small skin-tight tank top with bare belly (sizeable), in a mini-skirt, opening the knees is not seductive shapes. A sad sight!

Does a woman look elegant elegant age? Yes, no it is, in principle, nothing should, of course, can dress, look and behave the way she likes. But it's nice to look at a woman, tastefully dressed, in which there is no chance, not in harmony lines: clothing, makeup, hairstyle, accessories, shoes, light hint of flavor ...

 At the age of elegance ...
   Create an elegant wardrobe - a serious problem, so you need to just think, it is desirable that there was no superfluous items failed color combinations, and most importantly, things that you do not go, do not harmonize with the color of eyes, hair, skin, do not conform to the type physique, temperament, age and lifestyle. To solve this problem, you need a taste, and, moreover, good!

How to raise a good taste
It is necessary to carefully treat yourself, study yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, try to imagine the different styles, lengths, shapes, proportions, color combinations. Pay attention to how they dress, what kind of makeup used as a feed others, but not to copy blindly what they liked and to seek, search for your style! And, of course, to amend it in accordance with the changing circumstances of life, and with age.

Help develop a taste workshops, lectures, advice stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, reading literature as a special and artistic. There are books specifically designed to help women find their own style, learn to elegance. The director of fashion house Nina Ricci Genevieve Daro in his book (by the way, was translated and published in Russian) "Elegance: The ABC of good taste," gives very valuable tips on how to successfully create a clothing ensemble. There are other similar books. In the age of the Internet to find them is not difficult.

 At the age of elegance ...
   Fashion magazines, catalogs, view photos and videos from fashion shows, also played a role, but to find their own style and develop a taste, a simple knowledge of fashion trends and ready recipes for beauty is not enough. Learn to analyze and apply this knowledge to himself.

Do not spontaneous, ill-considered purchases, especially on the advice of stakeholders in the sale items. To experiment, of course, useful for the development of taste, but better to do it virtually.

Try to play in this Virtual Fashion houses . Make a color digital photograph - take a photo in full growth in a bathing suit (or beautiful clothes). Download this image in your computer. On the Internet you can easily find and clothing catalogs with pictures and photos of different models. Now, in a graphics program is easy to combine your photo with a photo you like clothes, like to try it for themselves. If you find this difficult, the task can be simplified. Print a color photo, cut it. Would get as a paper doll, in which many of us used to play as a child, but with your face and figure. Drawing or cutting of logs, or by printing a photo from the Internet (at an appropriate scale), doll dress clothes in different models and analyze the result, pick up accessories, hairstyle, etc. We make a virtual wardrobe of different outfits for all occasions.

 At the age of elegance ...
 Elegance: the price issue
To dress tastefully, stylish and elegant, have a millionaire is not required. In principle, and with small expenditure it is possible to create a harmonious dressing room. Things do not necessarily have to be expensive, and certainly not to be pretentious - but they have to be beautiful, high quality and tasteful. Financial security and public status are not a prerequisite for elegance, what we can see, if you look, how they dress, some show business stars, actresses, won prizes in the hit parade "of the most tasteless dressing celebrities." So the cost of clothing and the presence of expensive jewelry are not directly related to the elegance.

The most beautiful and expensive dresses are attractive only when they put on a woman who knows what she is. And at the same time simple in style and reasonable price of the dress can be worn so that you will look at them beautifully and elegantly. But there will have to fork out at that - to create an elegant appearance are very important: good shoes, nice bag, quality haircut. Besides all of this should be in a decent, orderly state. Whatever you put on yourself, and how much attention is not paid to the selection of clothes, everything seems to be spoiled, if the hair in disarray, bag shabby, worn heels.

 At the age of elegance ...
 Elegance and fashion
Fashions often vary - changing silhouette, length, specific details, colors. And these changes are not always suit you, or to the figure, so that, in order to seek at all costs conform to fashion is not necessary. Elegance is a fashion respectful tribute to the present, but without fanaticism, choosing from it only those items that can emphasize the natural beauty, and discarding what harm it.

Elegance - restraint, but not boredom!
Yes, elegance - is to some extent self-restraint, a sense of proportion, the attraction to classical behavior, neatness. But at the same time or in any way boredom, discouragement and fading. If you have the impression after reading some tips on building a wardrobe for women aged elegance, it is a mistake (or tips are not true).

 At the age of elegance ...
   See how the model looks Dell'Orefays Carmen, in a sense, the standard of elegance and style for the ladies of mature age. How can you call it dull and faded!

Clothing can and should be enjoyed at any age. Stylish, trendy, comfortable and beautiful clothes, plus a nice selection of add-ons, gives self-confidence, improves mood. Do not be afraid of any color or light or dark, the main thing that colors fit the color of skin, hair, complexion, in harmony with accessories and fit the circumstances.

Hide any neck, hands and other parts of the body, if age has left its traces on them? Perhaps you can wear and scarves and gloves, but is it always appropriate, and how it should be? And you do not become a sort of a "woman in the case?" The matter your taste, well, taste, as we have seen, to some extent, can be acquired.

I think every woman elegant age, if desired, can create their own, individual style, which will feel comfortable, feminine and confident.
Author: Olga Travleeva