Bugs style: everything has its time and place
 One of my friends 45 years earlier and held in his favorite style of "hippies": no makeup, long flowing hair and homemade baubles on the wrist. I am not against self-expression through clothing and style, so do not tell her anything about her appearance. But that all changed when she came to visit her sister.

Sister did not see our heroine 10 years, came from afar. And, seeing the gray-haired adult woman with a canvas bag, did not stand on ceremony. It directly say that women urgently need to update your wardrobe, dye your hair and buy a little bit of makeup.

A friend has changed in his eyes. Now she looks 10 years younger. And when I met in its new guise, but asked: "Why did not you tell me? ". It seemed to me that I should support her friend in all its manifestations. But it turned out that this is not true. And friends are not just for the approval but also criticism.

People change, and must change their style. Not very well 35 years did not get out of student fees. It is ridiculous to come to the gym in the evening dress, and to work - in the sports tights. It's really funny. Maybe you're not afraid to seem ridiculous. But if you decide to show your sense of humor is not through clothing, then I prepared a "hot dozen" things that are not appropriate in all cases.

1. The artificial tan.   Choose the right shade for the face is extremely difficult. It turns out brick, clay, red, but not the color of natural tan. Maybe it's better to pamper yourself in the morning sun on the balcony than to scare their environment? For the body, though convenient formulas created in the form of a spray, but even celebrities have not yet managed to achieve excellence in their application. Is it worth the risk to us?

 Bugs style: everything has its time and place
Left: Christina Aguilera with streaks of tanning on the legs, on the right - Keira Knightley with a terrible back-stained tanning.

2. The red color of the hair after 50   - Harmoniously looks only one woman on the planet - Vivienne Westwood, which except a hooligan and an innovator of fashion is not known. If you can classify yourself to such a bold person - after you exclaim "Bravo! "And will not be laughing. But if you do not consider yourself to neformalki, the red hair after 50 and may be perceived as inadequate and outdated. Paint the gray hair to its natural color - and you'll be sure to look much younger!

3. Leggings Yoga suitable only for yoga . Go to them for shopping or for a meeting with a friend is not worth it. In other runners to attach a run for you, and all around are bound to be asking: "A" Petrel "running? "

 Bugs style: everything has its time and place
Emily Blunt (who plays the secretary in "The Devil Wears Prada"), Holly Berry.

4. Clothing daughter.   It's great that you get into the clothes of her daughter, goddaughter or niece. Congratulations, you have a great figure! But teens should wear clothes just for this - to make sure their settings. Wear clothes of young girls should just young girls, adult women have their belongings.

5. Eyeliner need, but not every . If you do not have good enough vision to make up smoothly and symmetrically eyeliner, the more "arrow", it is better not to do so. Go to brushes and pencils, that could shade to hide imperfections in the line.

6. Tattoo . For some reason many women decide that tattoos on the body - it is fashionable. Firstly, it is not. And secondly, even if it is, then any fashion goes. And what do you do when the trend goes? It's the same, what to wear to the old canvas bag (remember where we started an article?). And then, sooner or later you are bound to be children. Would you like to see these lovely creatures fall asleep in your arms, burying his nose in the "mouth of the vampire?"

 Bugs style: everything has its time and place
Kailin Lowry, 20-year-old reality TV star on the American MTV shows your progress in the tattoo.

7. every thing his term . What you wear something a decade, does not mean that you need to continue to do the next 10 years. Well, you have a favorite thing, but let them stored in the closet as a favorite old photos. A wardrobe is updated from time to time. Not necessarily every month, but at least one new accessory for the season does not hurt. A basic things can serve 10 years.

8. Wig As a rule, the wig looks like, rather than as the hair. Note that, do not think that you will make a compliment like "Oh, how beautiful your hair growing back! ". At best, they will say: "You are absolutely not going to this hairstyle! ".

9. Lips . So far, very few people managed to make an additional lip volume seamlessly and naturally. And unnatural swelling of the lips - it's not sexy and funny. So why strive to artificial volume? It is enough to apply a good lip gloss, and the problem is solved sexual sponges.

 Bugs style: everything has its time and place

10. T-shirts   not feminine and sexy. If the inscription - on the whole body. It is complete, it deprives the feminine curves of the figure, it spoils the shape.
Author: Your Tamara