Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress
 What could be more feminine dresses? The dress exists as long as there is a female. There is nothing more natural in a woman's wardrobe of every age than the dress. Dress - is not derived from any other item of clothing, it was not a woman borrowed from the male wardrobe. Dress has always been and is a purely feminine element of clothing!

Which just is not sung odes to female dress! Great Balzac called the dress "the easiest way to transform a woman."

This spring, the world's leading fashion house finally stopped stray down in search of "something new" for the modern woman and offered to us as the most fashionable trend dress . That dress became the basis for most of the spring collections of leading fashion houses like Elie Saab, Donna Karan, Roland Mouret, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Akris, Céline, Giambatista Valli.

So, this spring promises to be incredibly feminine. After all, the catwalks of the world is not just dress! I bet you did not know that the dress can be so many faces! Judge for yourself!

 Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress

Trend № 1. Dress-Case

 Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress

Coco Chanel, whether she was still alive, would be overjoyed! After this spring again at the peak of popularity of her favorite little black dress. Current length - up to the knee. This model is ideal for business dress girl. Dress-case certainly pritalen and always elegant. Suitable for both the office every day, and official receptions. Also acceptable decor dress-case thin belt or girdle.

Trend № 2. bustier dress

 Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress

The characteristic element bustier dress - it has always openly bared shoulders. Current length - both very short and to the knee. This model is more suitable for parties and other celebrations, but a decent length and combined with a jacket or bolero is quite suitable for a formal setting.

Trend № 3. Dress-gown

 Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress

This model dresses with a delicate aroma and the belt is really reminiscent of the cut gown. And only the choice of denser tissue issue in the article is still a dress that is appropriate and in the office, and in a less formal setting.

Trend № 4. tunic dress

 Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress

Model name speaks for itself: in its cut of the dress is a cross between the actual dress and tunic. Wearing a dress is more profitable for leggings and trendy boots this season. Actual fabric for dresses, tunics: silk or wool. Allowed both free and accentuated waist.

Trend № 5. Asymmetric Dress

 Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress

Asymmetry dresses can be expressed in the absence of one of the arms of one of the straps, the massive presence of decoration on one of the arms (bows, brooches). This model is more appropriate dress for special occasions.

Trend № 6. style dress

 Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress

Consolidated cut dresses perfect for adventurous persons. This outfit has always pricked and amuse others and cheer up his mistress. Indeed, in this dress I want to pull for any pocket or stick his hands in his pockets and sticking them at the same time portraying a funny face.

 Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress

This spring, after moving to the style of dress, are still relevant puffed sleeves. And give uniqueness to your image such ornaments on the fashionable dress as bows, ribbons, brooches, belts. Elegant dress is also very appropriate to complement the stylish headdress, original bracelet, a necklace or a massive string of pearls.

Regarding the choice of coloring material for dresses, the most appropriate color - classic black. But he is not a dogma. It is relevant and red, and white, and the cell and strip and other options.

 Celebrate spring 2010 in fashionable dress

All offers us a variety of models of international designers fashionable dress every woman a chance to pick up this spring his good style for her figure, there was no reason to tighten kobzonovskoe:

Nothing to wear, whatever you say
Do not like to pay
I'll wear from head to toe
I love you in his arms

Author: Natalia Hryshko