How to choose running shoes and do not cause harm to the health of its
 Have you ever over what range of running shoes, and the shoes as a whole - this is a very difficult task. Purchased at the nearest market sneakers honestly earned five hundred rubles, you throw in the best case, a month later. Do not have any illusions. No you do not sell high quality shoes cheaply. And well, if you're just wasting your money because you are buying shoes can adversely affect your health. The most important rule - is that shoes should be comfortable. However, most buyers are guided by another fact - the beauty. What then pay ... health!

And now in more detail. To begin, decide what you want to buy proper shoes. For your fitness? Bega? Football? Or just for a trip out of the city with your friends? Universal shoes, which are suitable for all these purposes, no. For example, a friend of mine bought the shoes for outdoor activities and started to do fitness. And then for a long time I wondered why she feels uncomfortable in them, and already two times a sprained ankle. She would think that it is time to change the shoes, so no, she decided to go the doctors to find out if everything is in her right ankle, and if she could even play sports. Learning that is completely healthy, she again went to the gym. The result is disappointing - again dislocated.

Did you know…
Michael Jordan makes more money from advertising sneakers Nike, than all the employees of this company in Malaysia.

Well, now I have to convince you that the choice of shoes is very important? That is great. We determine the purpose of buying and go to the store to choose your favorite model.

1. Where to buy?   The majority of customers, depending on their financial means, in the head will be your answer: the market in a cheap store, in normal or expensive boutique? But none of these answers is correct. It is best to buy shoes in a special sports store. As a rule, where they are divided into categories, so you can easily navigate to them.

2. Brand is everything?   You can not imagine how today there are companies that make clothes, changing the title of famous brand of one - two letters? "Nike", "Adibos" and many others. Therefore, carefully read the labels, there must be indicated the name of the company and country of manufacture ...

3. Send in sportswear shop, what's next?   First of all, pay attention to the material from which sewed shoes .  Shoelaces must be round (they are most easily undone), elastic (to fix the foot firmly in the shoe) .  No newfangled "sticky" - if you decide to play sports! They are practical in daily life, but it is not suitable for this kind of training .  Also, always choose a well-ventilated insole .  Typically, they quickly absorb moisture and give your feet is easy to "breathe" .  Due to the wrong choice of arch support (usually covered insole and is on the soles), you can get a flat, so pay attention also to this .  To shoes do not rub his leg during training, when buying shoes, pay attention to the soft roller at the ankle .  If it is - you can rest easy .  No? Then purchase a patch, please be patient and be prepared for the bloody blisters (at least as long as the shoes are not carried by the leg) .

4. Leather / leatherette / synthetic - that is the question?   Select, in fact, easier than you think. Leather and leatherette - if you get to wear shoes in the cold season or in the rain. Synthetics - for sports. Most are now making shoes of composite materials. With regard to the sole, now very popular fillers based gel. In these shoes very comfortable to run and walk in the park, because they take the form convenient for the foot and remove excessive discomfort, which is peculiar to the new shoes.

5. The choice is made? Attention - fitting!   Put on running shoes? Stand on your toes. You are comfortable? No? Then remove it immediately! Try to bend sneakers hands. Where is the fold? Exactly half? Look further. These shoes are not for you. Why is that? Think about it, if you can flex your foot so that the fold was in the same place? That's right. Choose shoes that will fold towards the toes. To measure with socks in which you are going in for sports (usually thick socks, absorb sweat and retain body heat, so the foot will be a little longer than usual during the fitting).

Did you know…
Today Adidas sneaker models are equipped with special springs from ultra-light and highly elastic foam, borrowed from cars "Formula 1" and act like a springboard. It is used in their design and a "space" material like Kevlar (from it, by the way, do bulletproof vests).

And be sure to look at the appearance of the shoes - flat seams and no glue! Running shoes that meet all the above parameters are hard to find, do not argue. Even sports stores are now focusing more on fashion than on convenience. In fact, this is an important element of your wardrobe. Remember that in uncomfortable shoes can cause irreparable damage to health! Shoes - one of the main parts of the wardrobe. So, come to her choice wisely. Then exit to the city or the exercise shall be for you a pleasant stay and not test!
Author: Larisa Trishkina