How to look successful? Part 1
 Recently I came across a book on business etiquette. Author, interestingly, - man, I was quite categorical in relation to the female style of clothing. Namely, he believes that the majority of women dressed tasteless at work. If you look good to others, and perhaps even to themselves, we can see that this statement is not far from the truth.

But we are well aware that our appearance - our calling card. This is the most difficult thing we have to women, because in addition to beautiful, stylish and appropriate occasion clothes, we should not forget about the hair, makeup and accessories. Poor us, poor. After all the reading, I wanted to understand what it means for a woman - be stylish at work.

There are many professions and occupations, and work on the same appearance is more important than the other. In particular, the importance attached to appearance in various business structures, creative teams, in the education system. Due to the multi-directional activities there and various directions in business clothes. Someone can afford a more relaxed style, someone carries less and have to work with the suits. But for all, without exception, there are some general "rules of etiquette" for your appearance.

General rules

It concerns not only women but also men. Here are the general recommendations for all:

1. Clean, classic footwear.
2. Carefully coiffed hair.
3. Gently hand.
4. Neutral, subtle scent of perfume.
5. The minimum amount of jewelry.
6. cut the figure, clean, suitable clothes for the occasion.

Women have much more carefully choose clothes, but we provided a much greater choice as to style, fabric and color.

How to choose clothes?

Now start at the beginning. How to create your business image to look stylish and tasteful. The first step is to be honest to admit its advantages and disadvantages. And to think, how to hide the past and to emphasize the former. For example, if you have a narrow waist, then emphasize its belt. Beautiful breasts emphasize the blouse with the smell. The main thing is to feel the line between sexuality and femininity. And try not to move it, unless, of course, your goal - to win the respect, promotion, etc.

Identified? Then we move on to the next step. Find out your body type and try to create your wardrobe so that clothes sat well. Here we return to the idea of ​​a basic wardrobe where the clothes should be combined with each other. Add the dressing room a few interesting things that you can create the same exciting sets.

 How to look successful? Part 1

Now we decide on a color. Classic colors to suit the business are: black, blue and gray. But as women want to be a woman, even during working hours, you can afford a costume of bright color: red, purple, crimson, purple. The suit can also be a thin strip.

 How to look successful? Part 1

The following is a selection of accessories. Decorations should not be too much, and they should not be too bright. Prefer the classics and minimalism. Any woman knows that quality and beautiful accessories can transform the entire look.

 How to look successful? Part 1

Absolutely no jewelery, too bad, because they are able to describe you as a person who knows how to combine style and restraint. As for hours, it's debatable. Some people believe that if you can not afford a good watch, then use a mobile phone. With this we can agree or disagree, but most of today's business oriented in a nice brand watch.

Bags and shoes should be classic form, with a minimum of parts. And summer and winter, when the dress code is strict, it is necessary to wear shoes with closed toes. In the summer is better to prefer shoes with open heel. Remember to always wear business suits shoes with a closed nose. Design does not have to be boring. Complement your wardrobe shoes neutral tones, so that it looked good from all business clothes. If the dress code allows, then you can afford to wear shoes flamenco.

And, of course, do not forget about the hair, makeup and nails. Hair should be such that it can be quickly lead in order, and transform to the publication. Manicure best French or varnish neutral shades.

 How to look successful? Part 1

Makeup should be suited to you and your clothes. It is best to make a la naturel. Although you can use any pastel shades. Bright make-up leave for the evening.

 How to look successful? Part 1

Finally, clothing and shoes should be comfortable. You do not be shy. Especially in the first interview. Do not assume that office style boring and uncomfortable. Spend a little time and effort to its formation, and then you'll look better than anyone, with minimal time and effort. The next time you take a closer look, what to wear and how to select each item of business wardrobe.
Author: Vera Karabutova