Mini to work? Of course you can!
 Even the strict dress code will not take our opportunity to wear a mini. Do not believe?

Thank you Coco Chanel mini for more feminine and sexy thing is hard to imagine. But some employers and too critical against colleagues. Maybe they are right, it is not necessary to turn the workplace into a disco and night club. But the Mini does not need to give up. There are a few tips on how to combine the dress code and a short skirt.

1. Length
The party can be of any length, but to work - such a rule: Make sure the edge of the skirt was not higher than the tips of his fingers (hand quietly omitted along the body). Below - can be higher - it's disco, and sidelong glances colleagues will follow.

 Mini to work? Of course you can!

2. Opaque tights
With this accessory, the length can not worry and miss the first paragraph. If your opaque tights (of any color) or leggings - this is an option to come to the office in a skirt, of which Hugh Grant character from the movie "Bridget Jones's Diary," said, "Today you have forgotten to wear a skirt? ".

 Mini to work? Of course you can!
Lauren Conrad

3. The second skirt or shorts
If shorts are the same length as the skirt and of the same material - this is a super suitable option even for very strict dress code. But you can go for a bolder way, wearing a short skirt bright neon shorts (tight or loose-fitting shorts-type tennis). By the way, fit and silk shorts, which can be found in stores underwear. The second skirt, a little more fitting than the main small - too way out. This can be a skirt any neutral color, black and even nude, and maybe a bright neon.

4. Baggy top
Free shirt, T-shirt or tank top - excellent playful offset length. And your superiors will not notice too short mini. Shirt without the waist, almost like a mini length - this is what will remove questions like "Do you not too short skirt afford today? ".

 Mini to work? Of course you can!
  Elizabeth Olsen

5. flat shoes
Let us remember this simple rule: "Short Skirt + = heels sexy night. Short Skirt + = ballerina girl business. " Yes, in extreme cases, if you live without heels can not, neither you nor your boss, then - wedge. Do not be afraid of ballet, it's not shoes for employees of libraries and "blue stockings" views of interested male counterparts will still be. Well, what can you do with this! In the end, some at work acquainted with their future "soul mate."

 Mini to work? Of course you can!
  Alexa Chung

6. The right lingerie
The main mistake - is to think that miniskirt obligation to bear the same minimalist shorts. On the contrary, no thongs or panties, thongs or panties with a low waistline - not suitable for small. Skirt length so bold to sit so as not to make you blush. This offer is only good big pants fit. They, incidentally, extra weight and folds on the body are able to visually clean. Although granny panties and sexy, but the paradox is that you are just more sexy because forms smooth, graceful, smart. So romantic date night carry on their territory, where you can quickly put on little shorts. And to work under the mini wear "panties cyclist" or pants, shorts.

 Mini to work? Of course you can!
  Emma Watson

Author: Vasilisa Cousin