Nude effect
 Nude effect - literally translated to English means "effect, imitation nakedness." The concept of nude effect, for the most part, has to do with the female wardrobe, and involves the use of beige, pastel colors and bodily tissues, which brings order to maximize the natural color of human skin and thus creates the illusion of nudity spicy. But this ensemble is not obscene or provocative looks rather elegant, refined, elite.

Basis for dresses with nude effect may be transparent, translucent, and may be a conventional satin, silk or other solid or flowing fabrics. Very often nude effect is used for evening dresses, tops and blouses. In this case, such outfits are usually decorated with stones, beads, elegant embroidery. It is logical that such a zone has to embellishment or bust bikini. It turns as a double win to its owner on the one hand as a sort of private parts covered, but on the other - a magnet attracts admiring glances. Painfully note beige dress like a naked body, always curious and envious: I do not if anything looks out of the excess of Swarovski stones.

By the way, the recent award ceremony of the American Academy was a wonderful visual aid style dress with nude effect. Several world stars chose the dress for the red carpet in the best tradition of nude effect.

Here Michelle Williams in a classic dress with nude effect from Chanel:

 Nude effect

But Haley Staynfild in a dress with nude effect from Marchesa:

 Nude effect

And here is the sexy Holly Berry on duty with effect nude:

 Nude effect

Of course, the clothes in the spirit of nude effect suited more to the front, rather than for everyday output. Perhaps, in the office blouse with nude effect the strength to destabilize the entire male part of your department. But the same shirt, but wearing a corporate party, would be appropriate. And, of course, your new image with a nude effect will be most useful in the ceremony of presenting well-deserved awards at the premiere of the theater, opera, operetta, ballet, symphony concert, organ hall, a secular party with the appropriate dress code, etc . celebrations.

Nude effect has a striking contradictory properties: it is a lady, despite the illusion of nudity, looks elitist, expensive, tasteful and dignified. But on the other hand, bringing you as many preferences, nude effect to much obliges.

Nude effect abhors laxity and revolutionary way. By the nude effect in the locker room would not be appropriate or too daring hairstyle progressive Shoes indefinite style. But nude effect looks great with any classic understated styling or fashion groomed hair, but with the proviso that the hair look well groomed and not stick out dry shapeless bundles. The same applies to the shoe along nude effect. Classic pumps with or without platform, elegant sandals and clogs with thin shiny straps, decorated with stones - the best choice.

Be careful when choosing jewelry for dress with nude effect! If the upper part is decorated with richly embroidered or stones, no beads or massive necklace around your neck will not be necessary. In order not to look in philistine better decorate thin graceful neck chain or leave her naked at all. But elongated earrings matching nude effect will be very helpful.

Looking at the lady in the dress with nude effect, it does not give the impression that it is in the search. Rather, its elitism, calm and proud view of the surrounding reported that when she was somebody, but it is independent and self-sufficient. But if you're in the image of a nude effect at the ceremony unaccompanied, then be prepared for the increased attention paid to the person from the free male part.

 Nude effect

So, if you like nude effect, if you feel that this dress - it's yours, and you are comfortable in it, I can only wish only one thing: a lot of reasons for it vygulivaniya in the world!
Author: Natalia Hryshko