Time to change the stones, gems and magic spring
 Give me a moonstone,
Give me the moonlight ...

Spring - a time of renewal, we change clothes, hair, makeup. Restraint and some sleepy winter storm of spring waters washed away, and the soul requires novelty, brightness and joy. New image can be effectively supplemented by jewelery and pick up a ring, brooch or earrings, it turns out, can not only guided by eye color or month of birth, but also the time of year.

Gems like flowers, there are spring, summer, autumn and winter! There is a special calendar of gems, it offers an original way to select gems - each season corresponds to a group of gems on the basis of color. For example, spring assumes transition from the monotonous white winter to the flowering of the awakening of the earth and the diversity of colors. Spring Stones: diamond, emerald, moonstone, jade, lapis lazuli. Spring - time lovers, and they can choose a diamond - a symbol of purity and innocence; Emerald - a symbol of happy love and humility. Moonstone symbolizes health and longevity. The multi-colored jasper, anticipating a riot of colors with their variety of color rushing spring. Lapis like clear blue sky, in which clouds float only occasionally.

Let's try to pick up a stone from the spring palette:

 Time to change the stones, gems and magic spring

It is believed that the name "diamond" comes from the Greek word adamas - invincible, invincible. They called diamond cut diamond.
Once the diamonds are considered a symbol of fearlessness and invincibility: the mere possession of a diamond owner gave his great strength, bravery and courage. And now, some people believed that a diamond could drive away the evil and all the dark forces of the night and, in addition, it has long been a symbol of love and constancy.

Colorless diamonds are rare. More often than not they have any color, there are even black diamonds. Glitter diamond is so characteristic that is called - diamond. Since ancient times, people believed that a diamond cure its owner from mental disorders: different phobias, depression, nervous breakdowns. Furthermore, diamond is considered excellent antipyretic agents, agents for the treatment of pneumonia, bronchitis, hepatitis, infections and various diseases of the joints.

The most famous and popular gems, they adorn the crown of monarchs, both private and public collections and funds, and at the same time are "girl's best friend." True, they say that in recent time, diamonds are not particularly popular in the youth fashion.

If you think diamonds are a few outdated and boring, more suitable for mature ladies with traditional views, the spring collection can pick up and more democratic option, for example:

 Time to change the stones, gems and magic spring
 Moon rock

Moonstone - the perfect choice for irascible natures who wish to soften his character. It is also believed that he is able to improve the appearance, to add charm and pleasantness in conversation.

The name "moonstone" (or - population) mineral received for his painting. It is a bluish-silver, blue, silver and white, milky white, purple. There are crystals with the effect of "cat's eye." In many countries it is considered that the moonstone is able to protect people from the harmful influence of the moon. Moonstone perceives and attracts love, it is worn to bring sense to your life. Hindus believe that it absorbs lunar cooling energy, calms the mind, awakening in people dreaming and tenderness. Moonstone is able to eliminate the anger and stress relief. Suffer from loneliness should wear brooches with this mineral on the left side. When worn on the left hand ring with moonstone, it will avoid conflict, relieve stress, make you more tolerant and merciful. The ring on the right hand helps to relax, awakens imagination and creative impulses.

But esoteric claim that meditation moonstone helps uncover unconscious and latent abilities and talents. The ritual is simple, that's what they advise. The full moon stone should be left on all night on the windowsill to he loaded the lunar energy. In the morning wash it under running water, rub a piece of purple silk and light two candles. Lie on the floor, relax, and after the candles burn down completely, put on the area of ​​the "third eye" mineral. Imagine how energy flows in the stone cord, and try to keep her mind. Then let the energy flow back into the stone. This exercise is an excellent training for the recovery of the nervous system and relieve stress. Meditation should be done at the waning moon until new moon, every day for 10-15 minutes.

 Time to change the stones, gems and magic spring

It has long been the "stone spring" because of the bright green hues and rare beauty fascinates and attracts people, it symbolizes the eternal hope, rebirth and the coming of spring.

The name "emerald" comes from the Persian word "zumrundi." There is a biblical legend that Satan during his overthrow in hell lost his crown one emerald. This turned into an emerald cup, donated by the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon. The chalice used by Christ at the last Holy Supper, and then Joseph of Arimathea brought into this bowl for a drop of blood of Christ crucified on the cross and became the founder of the Order of the Holy Grail. So, it is a stone of magicians and wizards. People with a developed intuition, this stone helps to get in touch with beings from the subtle world, gives the ability to decrypt the signals sent to Earth the forces of the universe. Emerald - a very delicate stone. He does not tolerate aggression and brutality.

Furthermore, it possesses therapeutic properties, stabilizes blood pressure, relieves headache and joint pain, treats diseases of the stomach, has antibacterial properties (if it is put into a glass raw water can be drunk without boiling). In ancient times believed that the stone helps to get rid of night blindness, epilepsy and modern lithotherapists (specialists for the treatment of stones) argue that the owner of the emerald will not get any nightmares, insomnia and fatigue.

If the owner of the stone does not have evil inclinations, emerald brings him health and success, otherwise it could send down to man-made disasters. This gem can dissipate any negative energy, protects the family hearth.

And yet for the spring stones include jasper   - It helps in the selection of the way, it is a stone of travelers and alchemists. It has long been known that Jasper is able to feed the human positive energy, so it is useful to wear a product from this stone. To house was peace and harmony, to decorate the room with vases and boxes of jasper. They act as amulets.

Lapis lazuli   - "Stone of heaven" is a love amulet long ago. Beautiful, dark blue with splashes of gold, it creates the impression of a dark sky with stars. Bright and sparkling in sunlight, lapis lazuli becomes dark and gloomy candlelight and electric lighting. It helps with chronic fatigue, spinal diseases, back pain, hair loss. It purifies the blood, sharpens vision.

 Time to change the stones, gems and magic spring
 Tourmaline   - Especially if he is young tender green grass, can also be attributed to the spring stones. Green tourmalines are called verdelite, under natural light, they are very bright and colorful. Green verdelita miraculous way calms the nervous system, relieves people from the effects of stress. As, however, and all the green stones.

So, what to choose from a stone spring collection as an ornament or mascot? The one that you like best and more appropriate, rely on their intuition and taste. Compatibility of your jewelry, your taste in clothes and make-up, where and when you put on ornaments - this is the main thing to keep in mind when choosing your stone!
Author: Olga Travleeva