Tops: choose and wear
 All girls love Tops. They go perfectly with jeans, skirts, trousers. With their help, you can easily transform your image, because they look great in the office and on the dance floor.

In stylists are of the opinion that for the average woman is enough to have several top three categories:

1. Tops in the style of casual - for shopping, trips to nature, etc.

2. Tops formal style - for trips to work, mother in law, for grandmother, birthday, etc.

3. Elegant tops - for parties and go out.

This article will be given a few tips on how to choose the top and what it can be combined.

How to choose the top

Thus, choosing any clothes, you should take into account your body type and your tsvetotip. So you will not go wrong. If you do not know the recommendations for your figure type, here's a brief guide.

Body type "Hourglass".   You come tops, which will emphasize your bust and waist luxury. Therefore, give preference to short-cut and poluoblegayuschim model. You can, of course, to try and form-fitting top, but it rarely looks good on this type of figure. All depends on the overall physique and even the shape of the face. Focus on the waist using a belt. With regard to the cuts, it is better if it is V-neck or boat-neckline. Gently approach to buying tops made of light fabrics, as they may give an unnecessary amount.

 Tops: choose and wear

Body type "Triangle".   In your case the top should increase the top. Therefore tops must have prints, cut and cut-out that will contribute to this. For example, necked-boat, strips, etc. It is best if the top is slim cut. Top always be lighter than the bottom. Then, you will achieve the necessary balance in appearance.

 Tops: choose and wear

Body type "inverted triangle".   And here is the opposite. Visually you must increase the lower part. You can emphasize the shoulders and chest open top. Here, the key word - breasts. On you will look good and free from the waist tops, you can try the Empire style. Prefer V- and U-shaped neckline, wide straps, as well as models of dark color.

 Tops: choose and wear

Body type "Apple".   Tops should emphasize the waist. Therefore, give preference to fitting and poluoblegayuschim model. Emphasize the waist using a belt. Do not forget about the neck. Emphasize on your merits. It is best if the top and bottom will be the same color. By the way, tops with high waist will hide the belly, if any. However, they should not be too bulky.

 Tops: choose and wear

Body type "Rectangle".   Let's start with the cutouts. Again, V- and U-shaped will look at you best. The deeper, the better. Tops with a high waist, with bright and eye-catching accents in the area of ​​the breast. And do not forget about the belts.

 Tops: choose and wear

How to wear tops

This issue only seems simple. Therefore, I would like to offer a few ideas with which you can combine top.

Let's start with the top in the style of casual. Their distinguishing feature - a fairly simple cut. Incidentally, this embodiment relates to things must-have for every woman. These tops are nice because they can be easily adapted for a variety of fashion trends with the help of accessories and so on. This is a great option in conjunction with jackets, cardigans, shirts, etc. In addition, in the case of the creative impulse can be easily altered. Here are some tips on choosing and wearing these tops.

1. So how to wear these tops you often, then they should be pleasing to your body and, ideally, they should be made of natural fabrics. Not bad, if they will be added Lycra, nylon, etc.

2. Combine them with jackets, sweaters, shirts, other tops.

3. Tight-fitting tops or poluoblegayuschie look good with almost everything. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment.

4. You can never go wrong if your clothes are tops in black, white, gray or brown. But do not be afraid to experiment.

5. Tops casual style can be easily transformed for an evening out with the help of accessories.

 Tops: choose and wear

6. In addition to the standard cut tops, without further details, get something more interesting. For example, tops with lace, sequins, beads; models of different lengths, with or without sleeves, different styles.

 Tops: choose and wear

The next category is tops more interesting cut. They are perfect for the office and when you need to look smart, but not too much. In such tops feel very feminine. They are usually made of lightweight fabrics. Their distinctive feature - the presence of all sorts of frills, puffed sleeves, belts and so on. They differ from the evening by having a more discreet fit and do not show too much nudity. Equally look good with jeans, and more formal clothes.

1. Keep in wardrobe at least one top base colors: red, black or white. He will help you out in any weather and at any event. Ideally better have at least one - of each of the listed colors. Black appropriate always, the white suit for the summer, and red - whenever you want to stand out from the crowd.

2. Do not wear too much jewelry with these tops. They themselves have interesting details. So, do not overload the image.

3. This option is best tops combined with the monotonous, well-fitting bottom. As a top - the central part of your outfit.

4. To swept away the wave elegance, wearing a top combined with a cardigan.

 Tops: choose and wear

And finally, evening tops. There are a huge number of options for invoices, cutting and jewelry. Their main feature - the openness. They show a lot of nudity. And that's a plus. There may be a variety of accents, from contrasting parts, and ending with all sorts of applications. Here are some tips for choosing.

1. Evening top should be bright. Starting from the colors and finishing styles. But do not forget that he has come to you

2. Some evening tops made in the form of tunics. Therefore, you can wear it as a dress. Combined with shorts, leggings or tights bright dense.

3. Top should hide flaws and highlight your strengths.

4. You can wear evening tops, if they are too open, combined with tops in the style of casual.

5. In order not to look like a Christmas tree, or a parrot, combine a bright top with solid color bottom. He does not have to be dark. Sometimes you can and experiment. Remember only one thing at the same time you should not be more than 3-4 colors (fabrics with prints - do not count).

 Tops: choose and wear

That such simple tips to help you navigate the vast amount of beautiful tops.
Author: Vera Karabutova