Wear trends: trousers
 This season, designers offer a great selection of pants, from classic to modern. And if the classic trousers more or less clear, what to do if you want to buy fancy things this season? After risky styles and textures on the podium was enough. And you want to look fashionable, but not enough.

Therefore, I would like to suggest a few ideas of how to wear pants trend.

Leather pants

Ponders buying leather pants? Are you afraid that you will only wear them this season? I will tell you a secret spring of 2010 skin will still be in vogue. So it's a good investment. Designers presented this item of clothing in several variations: very narrow, badly-fitting shape pants, tapering; and direct, but also quite narrow.

For most of us associate with leather pants biker style. But properly selected accessories and clothing will make you simply stunning and ultra fashionable.

 Wear trends: trousers

So, here are some tips on how and what to wear leather pants:

1. tops, blouses, sweaters must be as simple as possible. Shirts can be classical or romantic with ruffles, fitting T-shirt should be or poluoblegayuschimi. As for sweaters and jackets, they should be soft to the touch and to look at, to mitigate the aggressiveness of the skin.

2. These pants look great with a vintage T-shirts and blouses.

3. Ornaments can be anything. Depending on what kind of image you want to create.

4. Leather pants are perfectly combined with ankle boots, and sneakers, and boots and shoes. To look smart, wear studs.

5. Leather pants are a great option for meeting (will emphasize their sexuality), and cocktail party (stand out). So do not be afraid to experiment.

 Wear trends: trousers

Tapering trousers

I do not argue that this style is dangerous for women. After all, these pants can easily make your ass visually more. To look good in them, they need to choose and pick up a couple of them.

 Wear trends: trousers

So, if you want to buy a tapering pants, remember the following: they should not have swift. Give preference to those who have to sit more or less freely, even if they are more than your usual size. Super narrow models can afford only a very thin girls. If you are not one of them, then you will approach more free cutting. Ideally, they should be a little bit free in the priests. With such tricks you visually make the legs longer and zamaskiruete disadvantages. It is best to buy these pants with average or slightly understated landing. Pants with too high or too low waist are not for everyone.

It is best to look narrowed pants with enough free riding. Or the things that create a little volume in the upper body, such as blouses with ruffles or draped tops. As for the length of blouses or tops, it is best if they are short enough - to the waist or just below. Otherwise, they must fill.

For office is best to wear these pants with a long sleeve shirt or blouse. And to complete all the close-fitting jacket or blazer. From accessories suitable seat, by the way, is very fashionable this season.

As for shoes - heels. They are easily transformed into the image of a sexy and stylish. Well look tapering pants with boots, sandals and slippers.

 Wear trends: trousers

At first, it may be difficult to learn how to wear this style of pants, but over time you will realize that they are very comfortable and stylish, and you can look at them very sexy. Now there is a wide variety of forms, from classical to oriental style. Therefore tapering pants became available to women with different weights and shapes.

Watching shows, sometimes it seems that we can not understand the secrets of style. But sooner or later we are improving and increasingly dare to experiment.
Author: Vera Karabutova