How to wear trendy things. Cell
 Read articles about fashion and realizing what we need to be happy, we go to the store in search of a trend thing. But sometimes it can be difficult to choose what will you. Even if you bought what they wanted, we still have to learn how to wear it.

This autumn-winter season at the peak of the popularity of the cell. From this offer almost all of the items of clothing: hats, coats, skirts, dresses, shirts, etc. Thinking about the models, made of checkered fabric, I immediately submitted to Scottish kilts and berets. But looking at the podium, you realize that the cell can be absolutely any size, intensity, and even forms. Variety affects even the wildest imagination.

But plaid fabric still is specific, and it should be able to wear. Here are a few general recommendations.

1. Try not to wear at a time things from different cell type.   But if you want to pick up a checkered dress checkered jacket - in this case, the size and style of the cell should be the same, and they must have at least one common color. But the best thing of any tissue in the cage looks combined with a monochromatic clothing. If you do not want to risk, then it is best to put in a cage one thing: either the shirt or a skirt or trousers ...

2. Choose the right color.   Initially, we must proceed from the fact that is right for you. And only then to add fashion trends. In general this season are fashionable two color motif. Firstly - cold and deep colors: blue and purple. They are wonderful with white. Second - black cell in combination with bright colors: yellow, green, pink. And, of course, do not forget the classic cage, made in red. Let's be objective: every designer in his own way interpreted fashionable color this season.

3. When buying clothes in a cage, make sure that it sits perfectly on you.   The fact that she plaid fabric is very specific. And incorrect fit will not play in your favor. Avoid things in the cell that you are small. If in doubt, it is best to take one size larger.

4. When choosing things in tandem to the clothes in the cage, try to keep repeating it at least one of the colors of the pattern.   Or try to take in a couple of cell classic color that fits all.

But these are general recommendations. But as particulars.

• Let's start with a plaid shirt. I do not think that it is - only clothing cowboys and inhabitants of Midwest America. With the right accessories, it can be very stylish and very sexy. Now plaid shirts are available in different colors and styles. From classic male models to things with ruffles, puffed sleeves, etc. They all look great with jeans and boots. If you add jewelry, handbags and sunglasses - to get very stylish. Extended versions of shirts or tunics in a cage looks good in combination with a belt, leggings, gold ornaments.

 How to wear trendy things. Cell

• Checked dress, it is best to choose semiadherent cut. Depending on the style, it blends perfectly with the seat belts, pins, flat shoes.
You can create as a gentle and sweet image, and a rocker.

 How to wear trendy things. Cell

 How to wear trendy things. Cell

• kilt through foreign film industry, we associate with the school. And even sex shops can be found just a schoolgirl costume kilt. It I to what it is this item of clothing made of checkered fabric, considered very sexy. The most popular shaped mini kilt is pleated. Although the classic straight skirt or a skirt-sun look equally good.

 How to wear trendy things. Cell

• Pants in a cage, too, are becoming increasingly popular. But, unfortunately, they are not for everyone. Ideally, the cell should not be too large. And do not forget that these pants should sit well on you, never pull.

 How to wear trendy things. Cell

• The best thing (this will eliminate the stupid mistakes in the style) wearing a plaid skirt and pants combined with monotonous riding. You can add a scarf, but such that it resonates with the color of the color of the cell.

• As for jackets and coats, it is necessary to consider a number of things: cut, the amount of cells, the type of shape, and, of course, color.

 How to wear trendy things. Cell

If you really like a cell, and you want to try to try it - go ahead, you're sure to find something that will suit you.
Author: Vera Karabutova