The ABCs of fashion "stuff": jewelry made of felt
 Gold, silver, medical steel, polymer clay, plastic, glass, precious stones ... How, in your opinion, what unites all of these materials? Of course, that's what they all are raw materials for the manufacture of jewelry. Recently, this list also joined felts.

Jewelry made of felt this season is very popular. Brooches, rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, key chains of matted hair looked in urban wardrobe ensembles incredibly comfortable, especially in autumn and winter.

After all, they are so soft and warm! And their owner look very bright and extraordinary in the urban jungle. And in retail stores or in the market of jewelry little find. All of them are the author's hand-made, and therefore exclusive. Each set of felt jewelry one of a kind! But it's worth it in this age of total cloning in vogue.

 The ABCs of fashion "stuff": jewelry made of felt

Where, then, to find such a beauty? Jewelry made of felt happy to put up for sale seamstresses hand-made to a variety of ethnic and ecofestival, fairs, exhibitions and their websites.

 The ABCs of fashion "stuff": jewelry made of felt

The price of such unique sets of jewelery tends on average to $ 10 This is assuming that the hardware selected master the most simple and cheap.

Virtual space is teeming with master classes on felting wool. Often these educational activities are carried out under the open sky in the framework of various ecotypes and etnofestivalyu.

 The ABCs of fashion "stuff": jewelry made of felt

It is gratifying that the ancient textile art of felting wool is experiencing a second life and actively reviving. Of course, initially it was not invented for making jewelery and other accessories of women's wardrobe. Felt made sleeping mats, clothing, blankets for horses and other household items.

Felt, in fact, is a fairly dense woolly fleece. The principle is based on stseplivanii voylokovaniya fibers with hot water and soap. Another famous Hungarian ethnographer Istvan Vidak, who is very closely studied and mastered to perfection tradition voylokovaniya said about the process: "To make felt, you do not need anything other than human hands and wool. True, we still have a lot of work. " The process of felting wool - really busy laborious and does not tolerate laziness, but it is safe to say that voylokovanie - it is a very active element of art therapy.

But back to the actual jewelry made of felt. Warranty for such decoration varies from 2 years old, but with proper care their life can be extended to 5 years. Moreover, if the quality matted decoration, they are not afraid of no showers, no laundry in the washing machine.

Things to remember when choosing jewelry made of felt?   First, be on the alert: a cheap price could indicate the use of low-quality hardware wizard. If you are not willing to pay for felt jewelery in silver tidy sum, the best book on the felt medical steel. It is better to pre-negotiate with the master of the choice of material for the frame and the final price set in such a performance.

Second, be sure to ask the author of the memo care felt jewelry. Remember that such decoration is quite specific, and only very high quality voylokovanie not deformed when neglect, storage and maintenance.

In any case, if you do not master the sign, the price is low and there are no recommendations, there is a risk that over time, your costume jewelery ruffle a shapeless mass. So it is better to secure the guarantees of the author and specify the conditions of possible complaints.

 The ABCs of fashion "stuff": jewelry made of felt

But in spite of all the above risks, the desire to look exclusively and pulls in a string of search engine virtual dial "Costume. Felt. Buy. "Are you with me?
Author: Natalia Hryshko