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 Cosmetics, as well as fish, there is no second freshness ...

Jars, sklyanochki, tubes, boxes of cosmetics - the constant arsenal of every woman from antiquity to the present in the fight for beauty, youth and attractiveness .  What do we pay maximum attention to when buying a cosmetic product? Bright, beautiful packaging and promising announcement on the label .  And somewhere, on the back of the box, in small letters - composition and a warning: "Do not use after the expiry date" .  Alas, we do not always pay due attention to this aspect, and this is very important - it is not clear whether the miracle will means exactly the effect that promised advertising, but, here, in the case of harm expired would be .  So, looking forward to the fun and brilliant result of the use of an attractive cream or lipstick, do not forget to look at the production date, expiry date or the date of cessation of use .  If these data are not available on the package or remaining shelf life is small, it is better that the drug does not acquire .  Cream, eye shadow, powder, foundation, lipstick - all this is applied directly to the skin, is absorbed, it enters the body .  Of course, once we are unlikely to poison lipstick overdue, but for the year, in a few years it is not eaten so little .  Overdue cosmetics can be a source of bacteria that can cause eye infections, acne and other unpleasant complications . 

  There are some general rules on the terms and rules of storage of certain cosmetic products, where each agent released his term. By European standards of beauty products can be stored for at least 36 months. In unopened! Once you have opened the package, start the countdown: after the first use in a jar or bottle fall thousands of microbes.

Means for skin care

Means for skin care, such as day and night cream, a variety of masks, cleansing lotions, scrubs, stored in a majority of cases from six months to a year. Keep them better in a cool place. But, behold, if the composition of cosmetics includes vitamin C, then use it after opening the jar for longer than 3 months is not worth it.

One season (3-4 months), you can store and use a cream with UV filters. While the cream and not go bad after that date, but that protection factor will gradually decrease, and protect from ultraviolet radiation, he will be gone.

Up to 5 months retain their quality of means to care for the skin around the eyes. In these few preservatives means that, in fact, very good for the skin, but the shelf life of their small, so save these funds are not worth it, better that the tube will be over!

By the way, experts advise acquire cosmetics in tubes, jars and not, as in this case, it is less susceptible to the action of air and bacteria. And even better - to give preference to funds with dispensers - they spent more economical and better stored, avoiding contact with air, and our fingers.

  Masks made at home, it is recommended to use immediately after preparation, except for those assets in a recipe that indicate that they have some time brew. The "home" masks in which no preservatives or antiseptics, is very important factor is the freshness of the product, so that, even in the refrigerator to keep them is not necessary, and it is better to cook as much as needed for one application.

It happens that a cosmetic product comes into disrepair even before the expiration date, in particular, this happens when the storage conditions do not meet the standards. To determine that the cosmetic product has deteriorated, it is possible to change the texture and colors may appear crystal inclusions and odor. In such cases, of course, you should immediately discontinue use of this means - after all, health is more expensive thrown money!

Decorative cosmetics

In decorative cosmetics shelf life of a few more. Shadow stored year (some a little longer), provided of course that you closely monitor the brushes, applicators and sponges. At least once a week, they should be washed, but if too lazy to do it, it is best to buy new ones periodically.

Mascara kept from 3 to 5 months, it quickly deteriorates from constant contact with air, and our eyelashes, and in rare use of dry and dilute its experts do not advise.

  The compact and loose powder, blush and dry - 12 to 18 months Fatty rouge and eyeliner are not stored for over a year, and the lipstick and lip gloss - no more than one and a half years.

Three years held the most resistant and hardy - lip liner and eye, as well as deodorants.

Keep cosmetics, as well as cosmetics for care should be away from sources of heat, cold, moisture, and avoid contact with her sunlight. Therefore bathroom - not suitable place either for cosmetic or for perfumes. Bathroom fit only for the storage of soap, means for the soul and shampoos, but it is not recommended to keep them on an open shelf. It is best to put the money in a locker, which is closed. Shelf life of these products is usually less than one year.

As for cosmetics storage in the refrigerator, there are the most opposite opinions - to the benefit of it to her or not! I am of the opinion that a stable room temperature - this is what our mates in the struggle for beauty. Although sometimes, especially in hot periods when the thermometer exceeds the limit, and the air conditioning does not work, it is necessary to remove makeup on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Helpful advice:   opening a new packaging of cosmetic products, write on it, "the opening date." Now you'll know exactly how much time you can still use whatever means, yet it is not necessary to wait until vehicle comes into disrepair, and it will become clearly noticeable.

Keep your makeup to term in perfect condition, do not use expired resources - and your skin will be healthy and beautiful for years to come!
Author: Olga Travleeva