Bite me, leech or Hirudotherapy
 Treatment with leeches and rejuvenation today at the peak of popularity as a leech - a great alternative to the plastic surgeon's scalpel.

Treatment with leeches or hirudotherapy (from the Latin Hirudina - leech) - one of the oldest methods of treatment of various diseases.   References to girudoterapii archaeologists found during excavations of ancient Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, and the countries of Central Asia. The founder is considered to be the method of Nikander Colophon (200-130 BC.). A couple of centuries ago - in the XVI - XIX centuries, in the heyday hirudotherapy in Europe - leeches were a serious item of Russian imports. True official science for a long time did not recognize the leech. Only the last hundred years the leech was the object of research scientists and an entire field of medicine.

Leech - the highest the worm from the order of the jaw has five pairs of eyes, nervous system and extensive three jaws, each with 90 "teeth" - chitin needles. Next leech bite is similar to the mark "Mercedes." The secret of the salivary glands of leeches contains a lot of biologically active substances, which provide not leech sucked blood clotting.

Interesting!   On Earth, there are about 400 species of leeches, and only medical leech and its two subspecies - chemist and therapeutic - can be used in medical practice.

Bloody doctor

The therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy consists of three mechanisms:

-   reflex;

-   mechanical;

-   biological.

Reflex action is that the leech bites through the skin in biologically active points. The mechanism of reflex action similar to that at acupuncture. Mechanical action is expressed in the unloading of the regional blood leeches. The biological effect is ensured by the presence in the saliva of leeches a whole range of biologically active substances. They include the hirudin distabelazny complex bdelliny, hyaluronidase, bacterial, anesthetic agents.

Important!   Medical leech hirudotherapy used only once, which completely eliminates the infection of the patient.

So what treats the leech?

1.   All the problems of vessels (varicose veins, heart disease, etc.).

2.   Any disease of the internal organs (kidney, liver, heart, stomach, intestines, lungs, bronchi, and t.). Very often it is the disease of the internal organs responsible for our skin problems.

3.   Many gynecological diseases.

4.   Nervous state (depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia).

Separately, it is worth noting cosmetic effect So often gerudoterapiyu offer in beauty salons, - total rejuvenation, improve the complexion, the disappearance of pimples and blackheads, lifting effect. This is due to the fact that in leech secretions contain various enzymes cleave some fats and cholesterol, others are increasing the synthesis of collagen. The effect is so to speak "in the face" - the skin is firmer, lighter, fading pigmentation, improves the complexion. No wonder there is an effective method of cosmetologists circular facelift with the help of leeches.

Interesting!   Our grandparents set the day for the ball leeches behind the ears, the skin is acquired opacity and whiteness.

Nutrition for girudoterapii

Leeches help cleanse the body, so during the course of treatment is recommended in order to achieve synergies, to observe the optimum for you a cleansing diet rich in vitamins and trace elements, to avoid a heavy, indigestible food, smoked, canned, and limit your intake of sugar, sweet and starchy foods.

Should drink plenty of non-carbonated mineral water, as the secrets of leeches accelerate water metabolism in the body. It is necessary to drink cleansing juices and teas.

Important!   Weight loss and cellulite treatment with leeches is more effective in combination with other treatments for correction.


-   diseases with reduced blood clotting;

-   Anemia of various nature;

- increased bleeding;

-   low blood pressure;

-   the presence of pustular skin diseases on the spot imposition of leeches;

-   the presence of an allergic reaction to the statement of leeches;

-   the presence of a high temperature after the setting of leeches;

-   poor tolerance girudoterapii;

-   acute myocardial infarction;

-   acute stroke;

-   psychological intolerance;

-   pregnancy.
Author: Inna Sedykh