Cosmetic hand made - your personal beautician
 Do you think it is a strawberry slices on your face? Or you remember about a decoction of chamomile ice cubes and green tea? But this is not what is called handmade cosmetics.

What is the modern cosmetics hand made?

Rather, it is the people's money and their elements in cosmetics hand made. But, you see, the demands that we make to the modern cosmetics, traditional recipes are not always kept. Modern woman is not enough to just cosmetics was pleasant and kind, we want to have in your arsenal of truly innovative, develop better doctors, scientists and specialists. And many modern medicines often make serious competition to plastic surgery! So, these are the tools exist today in cosmetics handmade, they have to look and be sure to try.

Feel like a "star"

That's what can feel myself a woman who takes this cosmetics hand made. What celebrities have their own personal stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers, we know. But lately, many stars, revealing their beauty secrets, talk about personal masters that are specially prepared for them makeup. For example, the use of personal cosmetics Julia Vysotsky, Julia Kovalchuk, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore. "Of course - they are stars. They can afford it! "- You might say.

It turns out that we can also have a personal master and personal makeup. Today, it is becoming ever more popular, though not exactly cheap. Many ladies are already on their individual dressing table cream or scrub, hair conditioner or soap from a personal master.

But if you have not got a personal beautician, personal cosmetics you still available. The easiest way to try it for yourself - go to a good salon. Many reputable institutions can meet such a service as a means of preparing the individual.

And you can find the master, who will prepare personal with their hands and only for you. Such cosmetics are often called the author, and the wizard can be found online, in the newspaper personal ads, they may prove to be your girlfriend. So what kind of makeup artists and we are looking for?

What makes the personal makeup?

You certainly do not just surprised, looking at the label of a cream or scrub, which gives information about the composition of funds. The list is often very impressive! I think this will achieve only in an industrial environment. But there is a master cosmetologists who make these masterpieces themselves, and individually for each client.
Masters handmade cosmetics are available most complex compositions, they successfully mastered the means of anti-age, anti-cellulite creams and scrubs, preparations ampoule fillers. Modern cosmetics hand made often in no way inferior to the purchased assets, and in some ways even surpasses them.

Components for the author's cosmetics come from only the highest quality and only trusted manufacturers. It:

- 100% pure natural essential oils;

vegetable oils (olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, etc.), obtained by cold pressing and without preservatives;

Active substances of plant origin (soya lecithin, herbal extracts, chlorophyll, bee products);

vitamins, pro-vitamins;

inactive preservatives (not always, but in certain foods is required);

hypoallergenic sparing emulsifiers (mainly lammelyarnye) are necessary for creams as associated oil and water.

The composition of the cream may have up to several tens of ingredients, just like in the famous labels of purchased assets!

If your wizard uses for modern high-quality ingredients, getting them into good branded online stores, then it is bound to be at the disposal of a large list of ready-made extracts and active ingredients:

- Extract Anti - Age with vitamin C;
- An extract of «Anti - Acne» with malic acid;
- Hyaluronic acid;
- Botox-complex (an alternative to Botox injections);
- Lanolin;
- Peptides silk;
- Silicone fluids;
- Tocopherol (vitamin E antioxidant);
- D-panthenol;
- Hydrolat;
- Proteins;

... And it's certainly not a complete list.

Who is a good master?

Of course, it's a professional. It is better if it has the appropriate education. The best way to find it - the recommendations of colleagues or friends. But if none of your friends have not used cosmetics hand made, do talk with the master. And everything will be clear. The fact that the real master is required to ask the client a series of questions. For example, it must ask your age and your skin type, problem areas, as well as skin tone. He asks what consistency means you prefer. The obligatory question: which drugs you are allergic, as well as your disease. In general, at a reception at the doctor's personal master should tell a lot. But the effect of this cosmetic is considerably greater than that of the finished purchase.

Well, if you can not find anywhere the individual cosmetologist, for example, live in a small town where professionals such rare - try it for yourself to become such a master! It is important to get some knowledge (you can do this and in absentia), and the imagination and excitement, I think, you already have.

What can you do for personal master?


Also quite traditional formulas for dry, oily or sensitive skin, hand made modern cosmetics can offer and revolutionary formula: anti-age, anti-acne, Eye creams, night means rest for tired legs, anti-cellulite agents.

A variety of formulas is limited only by the imagination and your wallet cosmetologist .  Treat yourself, order a product with ylang-ylang (this oil removes the irritation, soothes, regulates the moist, "polish" the skin), or, for example, unique in its properties rosemary oil (it stimulates local blood circulation and cell renewal, balance the production of sebum oily skin, has excellent astringent action, tightens pores, smoothes out irregularities, clears blackheads, prevents the formation of comedones) .  And how do you like cream with essential oil of Geranium Bourbon, this drug smoothes wrinkles and whitens skin .  And what is not a revolution in cosmetics - use in creams fennel essential oil, which is a means of "contouring" the face, smoothes wrinkles, increases the elasticity of the epidermis, or essential oil Bigard - one of the most popular oils in the programs of rejuvenation .  Cream for tired legs "Chestnut and Fucus" anti-cellulite cream "Gotu Kola", moisturizing cream "Shea" ... Some titles will drive crazy, not to mention effective relief .

Means of self-tanning effect

My master, too, can prepare such. In contrast, the purchased money colorants are exclusively organic and natural ones. Frequently, the dye is used only vegetable avtobronzat derived from sugar cane or sugar beet.


As substances that enhance the exfoliation, use of sucrose stearate, ground apricot and olive pits. Additives in oils and vitamins make the process a pleasant and very helpful!


Of course, no alcohol! Therefore, the best option - biphasic tonic. In use they are no different from the usual, just before applying the bottle should be shaken vigorously. As part - Hydrolat and essential oils for different skin types, and according to your wishes. All natural and environmentally friendly!


As the main component, providing cleaning and whitening, various clays used: kaolin (white clay of high purity), blue clay and Hydrolat and oils. If you - a lover to try something unusual - make a mask with rejuvenating Ayurvedic Triphala powder or the ancient Ayurvedic herb Amla. These supplements nourishes the skin with vitamins and trace elements, give an even color. Of course, this is not anything that offers professional master room for imagination is huge!


If you like a massage, be sure to try to use body oils handmade favorite during procedures. Among them was only natural vegetable and essential oils, which only improve the effect of the massage. There are also oil to strengthen nails, anti-cellulite, stretch marks during pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, gentle baby oil.

Massage tiles

In fact, it scrubs the same, only more solid consistency. Each master has its own unique compositions. Particularly useful to use them in the bath. Under the influence of high temperature oils are very effective. For example, gentle plitochki Foot massage, deodorize and soften, which is necessary before a pedicure. Tiles for the body is also very popular, as are convenient to use, and pick up a part of the master that the body will smell a unique flavor, and the skin is soft and supple.

Lip balms

This is not only soothing compositions, replacing chapstick. There are balms with color! A tint balm gives the mineral mica. As a part of and required vitamins and oils.

Why are some better means of handmade purchased?

1. No preservatives or with minimal preservatives.   Yes, that's why you must strictly comply with the terms and conditions of storage of such products. Creme without preservatives not "survive" and three days. Commonly used gentle natural preservative, by which means you can store up to six months. But only in a refrigerator!

2. You can order consistency, individual composition Even for you personally designed dosage and packaging.

3. Cosmetics made hand made especially for you You know the author and do you know who to contact with questions. You can always exclude something that you are allergic. In addition, hand made cosmetics exclusively vegetarian and eco-friendly.

4. Cosmetics hand made original and unbanal , Its nice to give and used by the

5. Many of the components are only possible in manual labor Industrial production are some of the natural ingredients are not available due to the complexity of their storage and use

6. The ability to create together with the master or individually.   Cosmetic hand made - is a way not only to the beauty and health, but also for creativity and self-expression.

Some professionals of this case is called cosmetic handmade homemade food for the skin. And compare it with home-made food, arguing that homemade food is always delicious restaurants. Tastes can not argue, but the fact that the restaurant kitchen must be "diluted" home-made food, and dinners at home from time to time to replace the meals from restaurant chefs, most likely no one will dispute. Find your masters, their money, and perhaps they are nice and helpful complement your efforts to care for themselves.
Author: Julia Gnedina