Means for tanning - what is their appeal?
 The sun is coming, I want to be beautiful, you want a satin skin covered flat sea tan! Counting Daylight Saving Time is about to begin, there is no sense to lose a single minute.

In order to obtain a tan, exactly how this from the sun, it is desirable to make the first light gommazh to exfoliate the dead cells and a smooth skin which will easily and tan spots.

Realizing that there is no "nice" suntan without preparation, l'Oréal just vypus preparatory suntan, ie a product that should be used before applying avtobronzant. Soft exfoliation gives the skin optimum softness, strengthens the tan.

This tool can also serve as the product is applied after tanning, because it helps correct uneven results and zaravnivat parallel strips.

There are separate avtobronzanty for the face and body; Some combine the two in one

Avtobronzant face.

When dry and sensitive skin, apply a suntan on the entire face, avoiding the eyebrows and hair roots. If this is the first time or if you are shy, you can mix the product with a moisturizer.
According to the instructions, the final result may occur in 3 hours maximum. Be patient and wait a bit before putting a second layer if you want to get a deep tan.

Avtobrozanty body.

Wide movement even hand rub avtobronzant evenly over the skin. Avoid critical areas such as the ankles, elbows, sleeves, knees and toes. Thus, in these areas do not need to make any direct spray, but need only apply his hand tool and good rub it.

Note: shoulders! Often avtobrozant use only top arm and shoulder, and as a result get a wonderful ... "demarcation" line. To avoid this, you need some time to "avoid" shoulder avtobrozantom, not forgetting the armpit.

It is important to:

Do not forget to wash your hands after using your product not to get spotted hands. To avoid any complications, use rubber gloves.

Never make an epilation to use avtobronzant, as you risk to relive unpleasant tingling in proepilirovannyh places.

After applying suntan, you need to wait a few minutes before dressing and 2 - 3 hours to wait before you bathe or shower.

A little secret.

To start a more active principle of tanning, Eddie Maleterr of Loreal involves a hairdryer to warm the skin before covering avtobronzant second time the body and face, without neglecting any ears or the back of the neck or the top of the thighs. Preheat, our skin begins to breathe vigorously. Repeat this operation according to the desired intensity and shining sun tan elegant, carefree and safe!

Mistakes have to pay 10 days!

Be aware that after application avtobronzant almost no time to correct mistakes. You will be in vain to try to rub and soap and tanning will remain at the same place that you did not like, a dozen days.
(You can try lemon juice, sometimes it gives the result).

New products.

For newcomers: know that now there are tanning, already tinted texture with almost instant results for a single application, without spots and stripes. We see at once all the results and we can fix it immediately.

Flash Bronzer de Lancôme:   Because of beautiful colors, this magical new avtobronzant melts into the skin for immediate visible sunburn. Lovely smell.

Some tanning products contain micro-glitter. In addition, to give an artificial tan, they light up and make your skin shine. Due to gel   Autobronzant Lumière Express de Sothys Your feet start to shine beautifully, as if you just came back from tropical islands, where not only sunbathing, and swimming. In the ocean!

Lancôme, Flash Bronzer Gel Jambes It provides a beautiful natural tan tsaet. Reflector light contained in the claims, attached feet nacreous illumination light.

To illuminate dull skin, Biotherm Lab has released new funds: avtobronzanty against fatigue with double action. Formulas which cover the tan and moisturize at the same time. Enriched in magnesium, calcium and other useful components, these avtobronzanty soften tired skin and provide it with a bright color.

As for the new Gel effet galbant jambes bronzant et modelant - It gives the skin a gorgeous natural tan in an hour, and creates the effect of the legs without tights thanks to a formula containing a new generation of polymers with a lifting effect.

For customers, there are practical tanning pulvelizatora with high pressure, which facilitates the use of resources and maximizes uniform distribution of it on the skin.

Sublime Bronze express de l'Oréal - Oil from the polishing result, which gives the skin a beautiful natural tan without any trace of orange. Innovative means the oil contains a component that favors the elimination of dead cells and polishes the skin to a uniform color. It moisturizes the skin for 12 hours, leaving no oily film.