Overview for sensitive skin
 We begin with an overview of tools for sensitive dry skin. Owners of such skin is almost always uncomfortable, even with daily washing with tap water. The skin reacts to climate change temperatures, does not tolerate any cosmetic procedure looks "tired." Creams for sensitive dry skin have several functions in the care: the removal of irritation, deep and surface moisturizing, strengthening of blood vessels, and further camouflage redness.

Dermalibur from A-Derma
 Overview for sensitive skin

The agent for irritated and sensitive skin. Through the main active component - oat varieties Realba jelly, cream has regenerating and protective properties. The skin under the influence of the means of acquiring a healthy appearance, because in addition to other properties tool has also antibacterial activity (due to zinc oxide, zinc sulphate and copper).

Used in cosmetics oats Realba been selected for their exceptional properties from 80 other varieties and is grown under controlled conditions (without the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides). Due to its high purity extracts of the whole range of A-Derma has full security and high performance. Realba oat extract rich in emollient, protective components, essential fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants. These natural ingredients soften, moisturize, soothe the skin and strengthen its protective properties.

This tool is recommended for skin prone to irritation active in the presence of cracks (around the mouth, for example), if too dry skin, irritation. Dermalibur - MPV care, it can be applied in the morning and evening. About this cosmetics as much can be said of the fact that it can be used even for infants under dermatological problems.

Cold cream from Biotherm
 Overview for sensitive skin

The tool has a protective and nourishing effect and is universal for the morning and evening care. Formulation is extremely simple: the main component against irritation and redness - thermal water Aven (it has strengthening and regenerating effect); highly purified white beeswax physiological forms a protective film on the skin surface.

The thermal water on the results of clinical studies has proven anti-inflammatory, emollient, antipruritic and anti-edema effect. It has unique healing properties. Within two centuries used to treat dermatological diseases. Thermal power Aven originates in the mountains of southern France. Water is slightly mineralized, organic, neutral, it contains many mineral elements: iron, copper, zinc, fluorine, silver, manganese, and silicon, which forms a thin skin softening and protective film and reinforces the skin "skeleton" - the collagen structure.

Dirozeal by Aven
 Overview for sensitive skin

This cream is applied not only for sensitive skin, but also for the treatment of more serious cosmetic defect - rosacea. Rosacea - is poor circulation in the skin when small blood vessels become too brittle, lose their tone and elasticity.   The consequence of these changes will be reddish "star" on the face, on which is quite difficult to get rid of.

Dirozeal has a preventive and curative effect in rosacea. Retinaldehyde (a derivative of Vitamin A) accelerates the formation of skin cells and thicken the surface layer of the skin, blood vessels projecting making less noticeable.

Dextran sulfate has anti-edematous effect, improves microcirculation in the superficial vessels, prevents the emergence of new redness, effective in the fight against 'dark circles' under the eyes. Dextrans - a separate group of chemical compounds that is produced by bacteria in certain circumstances. Dextrans specific shape used as a drug as a blood substitute.

Dirozeal also contains green microspheres which camouflages redness on the face.

This tool is applied 1 time a day on problem areas for a long time (at least 3 months). Not bad Dirozeal combined use with oral sosudoukreplyayuschee funds and vitamins.

Rozelyan from Uriage
 Overview for sensitive skin

Universal remedy for morning and evening care. The cream is designed for sensitive skin and skin manifestations of rosacea. It contains not only green, but also pearlescent pigments for better rendering and camouflage redness and rosacea. Uriage thermal water in a cream has anti-inflammatory and firming effect, and is also active in the fight against aging skin. The above-mentioned dextran sulfate is also present in the cream.

Extracts of red grapes and green tea reinforce and protect the walls of blood vessels; Rose wax, macadamia oil and tea tree restore hydro-lipid balance of the skin surface; vitamin E - a natural antioxidant that protects the skin from negative influences.

Akalmin from Ozone
 Overview for sensitive skin

One of the new tools on the market cosmetics for sensitive skin. Akalmin for skin prone to redness and couperose. Almost instantly reduces redness and skin feels comfortable enough.

Part of the water lily extract cream protects the skin from temperature extremes. Antiradical activity of the compounds of the extracts allows us to speak about the universal protection of the skin, whether it's protection from chemicals or sunlight.

Corallina Extract (marine plants) restores the balance of the skin, increases the oxygen supply in the internal layers of the skin, strengthens blood vessels. In addition, the cream contains extracts of horse chestnut, ginseng, horsetail, sunflower.

Naturally, all of these creams are hypoallergenic, contain a minimum safe preservatives, or do not contain them at all. As a rule, they do not cause allergic reactions, but in order to avoid negative consequences, first you need to use a probe products. All of these cosmetic products available over the counter, with the participation of the pharmacist or doctor, from whom you will receive detailed advice.
Author: Olga Zorina